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So my name is Sammii and I have blonde hair and grey eyes. I'm 17 and loving life. I'm 5'5". I love to play football, even if I'm not aloud to play on the community league. I have a unique style and you will never see me without my high tops or the necklace my ex-boyfriend gave me. I have a little brother, and I live with my mom and dad. I have a bunch of friends who are like my brothers and sisters. My friend Allison who could be my twin, has Gaia her username is Dog_Luver955. Check her out. But warning you now, she has a boyfriend who will kill you if you try to touch her. I love Dubstep, Skrillex and any type of dance music.. I'm a serious musician. I play guitar, clarinet, saxophone, I'm learning piano and I sing (very well, if I might add). So that's pretty much it for my life. Message Me and Add me.

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I love them way too much. From left to right, Roxxie, Allison, Me, Nat Then Quinton ♥