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Hello there. My name is Shelby. Currently cosplaying L.A>. from El cazador de la bruja! The next person to mistake me for that white butler f** dies a slow, and painful death! I am so much better, than he is. For one, I'm not human, and I'm just all around cool! Anyway, back to the real me. I enjoy long walks on the beach.... Nah I'm just kidding. That place is pretty tight though. I will be attending a wedding August 14th, and I head back to classes on the 23rd! Can't wait I'm so excited! Screw this annoying about me....

Taco taco tacos, delicious tacos, the coolest tacos are, Amigo Tacos

Rp Info:
Okay, I'm more into 1x1 rps. I don't feel rushed to post and it makes me one happy camper. I'm currently in three rps right now, so there is no chance of me joining another.

Favorite People:
l- c h i l d p o r n-l
Xx AwAk3n xX
Fate is cruel
The WarShack

"Nothing amazing ever happens here....."

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