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zip zoozoo Report | 06/29/2009 7:50 am
why arent you on anymore?
Silent Disaster Report | 07/09/2008 8:32 pm
He probably is on. Anxiously waiting for me to get on.

Gah! I can't do it.
Silent Disaster Report | 07/09/2008 7:14 pm
Dude! You're actually on!
Silent Disaster Report | 07/05/2008 6:01 pm
Silent Disaster Report | 07/04/2008 9:56 pm
Wait, when you say he's coming, do you mean he's going to your house?

Where does he live?
Silent Disaster Report | 07/04/2008 4:38 pm
Hey, is your phone working? I tried calling you twice today and it just rang for over a minute then said that the number is not a working number. :/
Silent Disaster Report | 07/03/2008 8:55 pm
Oh just realized I never replied to your last comment.

Wait, Natasha? Did she go to the camp as well? You gotta get his number so you guys can talk!! Are you guys friends?
Silent Disaster Report | 07/03/2008 8:51 pm
Egad! CIWWAF! I gotta get their new album.

I think I won that million gold raffle thing in the rally yesterday 'cause when I spun it, it said I had won the million gold raffle, but I haven't gotten a million gold or maybe they'll reward it at the end of the month but I started freaking out!
Silent Disaster Report | 07/01/2008 3:24 am
Oooh David..? Gots a number? Is he a cutie?

We were suppose to be going to Destin next week but it turns out we're going to Tennessee for one day...
Silent Disaster Report | 06/29/2008 8:35 pm
I haven't talked to you in a while and I MISSSS YOU!

How has your summer been?

Mine justs sucks more and more as each day goes by. -_-;

I thought I was going to Destin next week but it turns out we're going to Tennessee instead.