Is she invisible to you?

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These guys are awesome!


Take a look, I could be something special..

Who am I??
Are you really asking me to explain myself in this black-and-white 2D box??
Plague rat. Lunatic. Poet.
I'd rather write to most people than talk to them.
If I'm not listening to music, there's something seriously wrong.
I like vintage clothes a little more than I should.
I'm the shadow in the background- I'm there, and nobody can deny that, yet you pay no attention.

That's who I am, I suppose

Take a look, You'll find I'm still waiting for you..

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The stars in the sky are like glitter tonight

Whiny ramblings and/or embarrasingly emotastic "poetry". Yeah, I'd rather jump in a tank of flesh-eating bacteria than read it, and I'm the one that WRITES it.


what they say...

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~UnSanity~ Report | 07/02/2009 11:04 pm
i have your pic, but how do i give it to you, i dont see you messege thing ura
xXiEmoCupcakesXx Report | 06/29/2009 9:56 am
haha woo!
another Charlie Skies fan ;D
HelloZom Report | 01/26/2009 10:57 am
haha^^ i knew that.......User Image

User Image hope your k^^

User Image

ily User Image lolz
HelloZom Report | 01/25/2009 7:11 am
Yep!! im afraid you can't get rid of me that easily! User Image

kwl but erm what song...... User Image
Gun and Rose Report | 01/24/2009 8:26 am
Gun and Rose
thx for buyin' please take care of my goldfish...... User Image
HelloZom Report | 01/18/2009 9:48 am
i'm alive!!! lolz User Image

hope you ok^^

User Image
HelloZom Report | 10/12/2008 1:17 pm
User Image yosh! i shall and you should post some of your art at the arena as well! u r so awesome at drawing!! User Image
ViennaG Report | 07/25/2008 11:08 am
Whoa! Cool profile!
ArchangelNetwork Report | 06/09/2008 9:02 am
aw thx laura! *hugs*
TinToraneko Report | 01/09/2008 9:15 pm
Thank you for the Happy birthday!