Let's learn to care.
To be Honest & Friendly.
I trust more people than I should.
I'm done with everyone & there bullsh*t.
Let's expand and learn to be chill.<3
Call me Whhaatchu want; i Dont'
qive a Middle finnqqer ;<$
Taken; Donnt' qo on This Shhit Alot Anymore; but Hmu
anyway( ; i dont Like Backtalkkers; If Yhuur as Real as yhu
Say; come to my face annd say it ; - cuhsz if idk whhat
yhuur problem is with me, i cant fix it ; i hate people who think
they;re better than everyone and people thhat act all wannabe hard -core ; like me; or dont' i can still hold my head up hiqh; i mess with everyone, so take a joke; Knowwn to be blond and kinda slow; so baare with me; im Random as Hell. love makinq friiends; Other thann That im; prettyy Kick ass; paha<3 ( : Hispanic-Mexican // . Aqe ? - ask ( ;
Dream Avi.Please.Help![;
Were a true fxcking statement.
Look at us were cute.
& so is he.

God +
Even at my worst, I keep my head.
I'm underestimated constantly.
Honor and pride mean more to me than anything.
Im not who I used to be,
But if you knew me way back,
Chances are you don't know me anymore.
I'm always looking forward,
and I always keep my chin up.
I know who I am, and I know what I want.
I'm going places.
I'm making my way on my own,
and I've only got myself to fall back on.
GROW UP b*tchS.