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kai hiwatari- girl Report | 12/28/2009 2:29 pm
kai hiwatari- girl
well..... i was in the hospital all that week.... I had a really bad asthma attack and i couldn't breath so my mom rushed me to the hospital and they kept me there until that friday night before the snow storm...... i didn't come in weds before break because the doctor didn't want me going into school and getting sick again...... I missed a lot didn't I?
kai hiwatari- girl Report | 12/13/2009 5:56 pm
kai hiwatari- girl
lol same here... my bro gave me a stupid virus (i'm sure i probably told ya that... but i guess i'll say it again.) but for some reason, i'm still able to get on, so i won't complain much.
kai hiwatari- girl Report | 12/12/2009 8:25 pm
kai hiwatari- girl
hey, sorry i haven't talked to ya on here... i've been busy doing other stuff that i forgot to leave a comment.
Beautiful_Crossfire Report | 10/09/2009 2:23 pm
hey hey
Beautiful_Crossfire Report | 10/04/2009 11:05 am
-3 profiles= 300 gold
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x0shortyx0 Report | 06/02/2009 1:02 pm
oh. by any chance do u got elemental wings??
x0shortyx0 Report | 06/02/2009 12:58 pm
i wanna trade forr money i just want moneylol watcha want?
x0shortyx0 Report | 06/02/2009 12:54 pm
hey wanna traddeee?
Kaizoku Deej Report | 04/22/2009 4:31 am
Kaizoku Deej
tnx for buying ^^