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Name Quantity Avg. Market Price Market Store
Slash Blush (Pink) 1 15,305p
Punishing Gloriosa (Top) 1 75p
Pick Your Nose (animated style) 1 64,985p
La Belle's Witchy Smile 1 12,728p
Slim Face 1 30,784p
Meteorite Utahime 1 21,725p
Meteorite Harvest Moon (Makeup) 1 107,247p
Meteorite Lady Akumei (legs A) 1 17,577p
[Exclusive] Meteorite Kaguyahime 1 100,954p
Meteorite Caelestis (Top) 1 67,046p
Stardust Catcher 1 56,447p View
Meteorite Maleficent Yin (Face) 1 1,806p
Meteorite Maleficent Yin (sleeves) 1 1,806p
Peppy Sleepy Season (Blushy Blushy) 1 14,149p
Lost Witchly Magic (Ears A) 1 330,877p



Queen Lilithan;
Hello my loyal subjects and royal court emotion_bigheart
P 0 3 + R Y is my life.
Fiction Books, Manga, and Anime.
I love grunge and romantic themes.
I have a double sided personality.
I LOVE COLORS even if I only wear nuetrals all the time.
Pink meets me in the middle.
I'll have good days and bad days.
Been a hopeless romantic for 27 years.
Have been in love many times in my 9 years with the same gentleman since my junior year of high school.
We also have a very handsome little son together.
I have a sister who isn't related to me for 21 years.
I have a trusted man who is my best friend for 13 years.
The oldest and only daughter of 3.
Two brothers of age 26 and 13.
I have a handful of friends I adore and love.
There are really is so many beyond my fingers and thumbs.

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gaia_angelleft About gaia_diamond Me gaia_angelright

Xbox Live Name: BluntTea
I play 'OverWatch' as D.Va, Sombra, & Tracer.
I also play 'We Happy Few' The Game Preview until the finished version is done.
Follow me on Twitch: BluntTea
Instagram: BluntTea


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