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Hello I used to be Alice Cullen, but now I'm Noah, my real name is May. I love J-Rock/Pop music, I love scary movies, and Gackt Camui. I love to read, write and draw. I also enjoy Anime. I'm a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Devil May Cry fan too. I have an account of, and I detective/mystery books, and manga, my favorite Final Fantasy character is Genesis Rhapsodos, and my favorite female character is Shelke Rui.



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Nana Shinu Ai Report | 03/09/2013 5:56 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
good news. Things are well. I have time to keep in touch with Miruka and well and see how things are?
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 03/09/2013 5:54 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
Things are little crazy. I am well.
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 03/03/2013 5:47 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
Stay warm imouto is really crazy
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 03/03/2013 1:07 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
well was really busy. I found a cute outfit. still like purple.
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 12/11/2012 3:06 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
nothing new. hope things are well for you. tired out. sad I am okay. lol
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 12/11/2012 3:06 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
Things are well. tired out
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 11/09/2012 10:53 am
Nana Shinu Ai
The condition are good. tired out. how about you?
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 10/09/2012 4:13 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
I didn't feel like hime. I felt like sort of plastic doll in it. like one of the girls in Lolita movie. but dress wasn't with frills. It had regular design that more grown up. like grown up lolita look but it look like mature lady look like sort like harajuku feeling. I have to say Harajuku look way better than lolita look. Lolita look information talks about older man want to be relationship with younger girl. so i kinda stop going into lolita look. imouto i think it best if you don't go into the lolita look. I don't want you get hurt or risk by older man want to take advantage on you thinking your little girl. I know it messed up. but I have learned there is dangerous gang still exist in Japan called the Yakuza. they are not friendly. My older brother has the game of it. It most powerful wealth destructive gang in Japan. girls dressed up as guys. guys dressed up girls. anyways I think Harajuku dress or look are okay to get. I don't think it good idea to get Lolita look for both of us in real life. but I am okay with harajuku fashion because of Gwen Stefani's look. last day for my swimming class on 16 on Tuesday. how are you doing with finals?
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 10/07/2012 6:56 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
well. I am not sure if we can alternate it. I was able to fit in it. my aunt Janet has the picture of me in that dress. my mom put it away in the closet.
Nana Shinu Ai Report | 10/06/2012 8:51 pm
Nana Shinu Ai
I know my hair side is shorter. yours is longer. but anyways we both have different point of views in life. My mom was able to find a dress that my aunt wore a long time ago. It nice. But I don't like pink anymore. But I like purple a lot. It beautiful bride maid dress.

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