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1. My name's -----
2. ?????s is mine <3
3.I have one sister tsk tsk! AHAHA
4. I really luvv shopping das right ;D
5. i like to have fun so screww you if you don't
6. I'm fun-sized (short) and i mean short xD
7. I laugh waaaaaaaay too much
8. Buy me clothes, and i swear i'll love you forever !
9. My favorite movie is Hancock <3
10. I'll miss you like there's no tomorrow
11. colour pink is my world<33
12. filipina! (what's wrong foo)
13. I love Gabe Bondoc's songs, sing them to me
14. chris brown a cuutay!
15. I have more than 1 bestfriend ( fosho')
16. You'll know right away if something's bugging me
17. I blush reeeeeeally easily
18. Sushi is my favorite food, so if you want to take me out for dinner .. you know where i'd want to be
19. My mood depends on the weather
20. My outfit depends on the weather
21. The colours i wear depend on the weather
22. Family channel equals love ♥♥
23. 'My mom is my bestfriend' .. most of the time
24. I'm NOT spoiled
25. .. But i don't work for things either
26. Probably one of the laziest girls you'll ever meet
27. I LOVE playing the GUITARRRR ♥
28. I also like to sing
29. I ♥ JBs' songs .. seriously
30. I embarass myself a lot, but it's okay
32. People who do this: "Guess what! .. Uh, nevermind." .. GO TO HELL
33. I have over a milli a milli a million inside jokes with 5259045658 different people
34 Put On - keiysha cole (fallin' out )
35. I talk too much
36. Most of the time it's about random things
37. Pancakes are yummy, so are crepes
38. If i'm being a b***h, BACK OFF
39. I listen to R&B, slowjams ( yeee!)
40. Mint Chocolate Chip icecream, MmMm
41. yeah trick yeah!
42. I'm a trust-before-judgement kinda girl
43. Only God can judge me
44. And I lived happily ever after, the end

P.S. ADD MEE!! AHAAH! !! ♥♥


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Soreal Explosionn Report | 09/26/2009 3:16 pm
Soreal Explosionn
Hey What Bout Me
ll Tender ll Report | 09/14/2008 1:06 pm
ll Tender ll
O_O u actually bought that thing
II TriX II Report | 09/02/2008 1:49 pm
wut kind of rally?

II TriX II Report | 09/02/2008 1:47 pm
u in rally?
ll Tender ll Report | 09/01/2008 12:05 pm
ll Tender ll
why am i in ur pro
ll Tender ll Report | 08/31/2008 5:09 pm
ll Tender ll
ohhhh im scared .... and yes u do ask any of my friends..........
reenee-oh-so-fine- Report | 08/29/2008 9:36 pm
reenee-oh-so-fine- Report | 08/29/2008 9:36 pm
reenee-oh-so-fine- Report | 08/29/2008 9:28 pm
animal ninja 347 Report | 08/29/2008 9:43 am
animal ninja 347
i just ask do you want my friend to her
ll Tender ll