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Hello ^_^
Lieutenant FrankenFish here, well, it is my profile soo, hm. Anywho, uh.... ^^" i'm off to find money, and i guess you can have random info ^^

I wish i had white hair and albino style skin....i hate Twilight but love Anne Rice.
I like yaoi and yuri but hate hetrosexual manga, fanfics and couplings except for most Studio Ghibli pairings ^^

I like FMA, Inuyasha, Xiaolin Showdown, Legion of Superheroes and Kaori Yuki, especially Godchild and Ludwig Kakumei ^^ of my fav OTPs is Tommy/Merton from BWoC biggrin

*meanders off*


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Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 06/29/2011 3:26 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
What has happened to my old friend. D: I miss talking with you! T crying T
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 06/28/2010 12:13 am
Moka Akashiya 0508
Haha, I have renturned with internet. (but I bent my laptop charger...XD...I'm such a dumb American...XD)

In fact, I did not find any crumbs in my wardrobe (I'm taking that as in you mean a closet...I guess...XD), because here at my mothers, my closet is in the backroom and there's no hidding in it. It's not even in my room...XD Thanks for the belated birthday and yeah, 18, I feel flippin old. It's funny, I have bought about five yaoi books and I've yet to be asked for my id, which is weird because I don't look 18 what so ever. I look 15 or so. XD No, my teachers seriously don't know any bounds....We have nothing. We can't complain about anything, or even do teacher reviews. It's what you get for having to stay in Tennessee....I believe up north would be the place for me since I hate the south.
Let's see...Everyone and their mother found out I was a lesbian because after a while I got pissed at someone or some people and finally just yelled out 'Is it because I'm a lesbian?! That's what it is, isn't it?! You bunch of Discriminating (sp?) idiots!' and that's the day I had the best fun coming out of the closet. Aww....That's uncool. I got into Western Kentucky University. As soon as I told my girlfriend that she insulted the place which in turn insulted me! I was so pissed at her and I still am. She don't know it, but I am. I'm not an idiot. Yeah, I may say I'm a dumb american, but I don't mean it. I know I'm smart in my own way. Well, I'm just glad I am out of Greenbrier high....My sister went there and knows how bad it is that she wouldn't even send her child to any Greenbrier school.
In the Americas....hmmm....Well, I don't know. I don't really care much for this country anyway, so I don't pay much attention to the news. XD Anyway, anything new and interesting over there?
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 02/20/2010 12:03 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
Long time no chat. I've been driven insane. I moved out of my dad's and into my mum's so in turn, I lost my only connection to the net unless I go somewhere with a comp and the net. Anyway, I'm okay, how about you? Anything interesting....Hmmmm......Well, I finally turned 18 and I can buy tons of yaoi now. XD I failed two of my classes because the teachers are complete and total itdiots. I did all but three assignments in my English 12 class I shouldn't have a 60 where as the kid that slept through the class is passing it. Also, I did all my assignmesnt in my Computer Applications class and make 90s and 100s on my test I shouldn't be making a 60 in there when I was told I was making a 90. Anyway, my mom is beyond pissed with my teachers. Everyone in my school knows I'm a lesbian and they could care less, heck being a lesbian let's me get closer to Allison. Which I find funny, because she says 'I won't let a man near me unless it's my bf but you're a lesbian so you can get close to me.' WTF?! Her logic makes no sense, I'd be more likely to grab upon her than a guy. XDDDD *brings out Jack Sparrows looking glass thingy...XD*
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/28/2009 7:15 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
Yeah, I don't think I can find that on NPT. lol For some reason I can not for the life of me watch Southpark. That is true...the more they show the more of a hooker they are to become in the future. I Holmes don't have s**t on me! XD...well, I sure hope I do...I am a girl...XD...Though I do need to get some boxers for my cosplays. Kira is going to be lossing his pants to Misa....XDD(it's an idea I have of Misa catching Kira trying to sex up L...XD) I'd hide like porn in there...XD...I don't know where 'OBJECTION' came from for me...all I remember was watching the telly and a guy yell 'OBJECTION!' and then this comic type thing happened with the word and I fell in love with it. XDDD I loved Inuyasha, FMA, and Lupin the Third all at one time. I may be the original stalker, but that doesn't mean I have run out of room for more. *smirks* Arson, that's the job for satan, she's a genius for destruction. XD Yes, that is me. I have candy, little girl. And I'm not 50. *shakes fist at you and totally forgetting about her flabby skin* I just went on the Subway Diet. The sad thing is I have access skin and my neck does look like a v****a. (I got to stop watching Austin Powers. XD)
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/27/2009 5:13 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
I call my friends the mixed crackers(the ones at my school are all white have many different types of friends online.) Anyway, my girlfriend says one day to me 'Pip-pip, cherrio, rotten teeth, and what-not' I looked at her with a weird face before just busting out laughing. My girlfriend is not the type to say stereotypes the americans have created. I don't think I've ever heard of Blackadder. I might one day though. Hey, I wouldn't complain about that...Unless it was my panties you were seeing...XDDDD There is only two colleges I will go to in the United States....I really wanted to go to a college out of the country but I knew that would be stupid if I didn't know anything about the system there. OBJECTION! XD...Sorry, every time I hear something that would be said in a court I can't help but yell objection. XD I want the game my friend had. It was a shoujo beat game(still in the japanese language) Not yet made for america. I wanted it so bad i went insane over it. Never got it though. XD Whorehey=jorge...XD...heyzuses=jesus....I am still learning that the language but I still love it. XD She can't speak it fluently but she can speak sentences that she would need if to ask a japanese person something...i think....XD
Yeah, it's true, it can cause some people such pain that they can not handle it and they start to scream which in turn disturbs the whole plane. I used to be a big Inuyasha fan. The Sango7707 is old....the yaoimaiko is almost brand new...XD....Ah, don't worry, it happens to me all the time....but I hope you know I'm the orignal stalker...I even have the stalker don't be scared if you see a 50 year old wo-I mean a 17 year old girl outside your house with a van that says 'Free Candy'.....Oh, but don't worry, the van look legit. XD
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/23/2009 7:20 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
Yeah, I don't even get gay jokes unless it's my friends that say the usuall, your gay and I just say, 'thank you for noticing.' You said willy nilly....XD(Sorry, I just love hearing that....My own girlfriend doesn't say it and I know British people say that...I watch a lot of british comedies...XD) Oh, my school pisses me off so effin bad...a prep wears a skirt way over three inches and a too revealing shirt and doesn't get told to change or to go home...but a freak wearing a fishnet shirt over a revealing shirt, and a short skirt over pants is told to change...totally unfair....Then you have the people that have NO respect...they dress trashy as hell. Yeah, I always have my nether regions covered and some more...XD
Japan is awesome....XD....They produce a lot of the worlds weirdest s**t...XD....It's not easy for me to learn...I can hardly learn Spanish....Though it makes me mad cuz my gf can speak Japanese and she'll talk to me in the language and I feel so stupid. :'( I want to learn french....I live in Tennessee...I want to go down to Florida one day....Let's see....Tennessee is one state about Florida....XD...I have to figure out if I can go in an airplane first....I have a trait that could hurt me to go in the air.....but anyway, if I can I hope to go all over the world....and my emails are and use both, so either one is fine...XD
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/22/2009 6:54 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
The American school system screwed up my girlfriend....she was used to the British school
I must laugh....I am taking sociology this semester in school...XDDD....and there's all types of sterotypes all over the world....Like there are freaks in Japan...they're are just really different from the ones in America...and so on and so the buddha in the sky, america is a place where no one can deal with gays, transvestites, mentally insane, mentally challenged, etc....It's rediculous....Hell, some people hate different people so much they go as far as to kill them...I'm scared for my own life every time someone new finds out I'm a lez....Wow...I'd kill someone if I had to wear skirts all the time at school....I mean, sometimes my razor dies and I can't shave for like a day or two(until someone gets me a new razor.)....So I'm glad there are pants.....I think that's the one thing my girlfriend only loves about Tennessee dress codes except for the small no holes in your pants, no frayed(sp?) ends, no peircings except in the ears, etc....I know, you never do hear of a good task force unless they are killing foreigners....Makes me sick, war does....Why can't we just have peace for once....-_-'
Yeah, so far I'm just notorious....I want to be famous one hope to learn Japanese also...but if you do move to America tell me, I'd like to meet you someday...^_^
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/16/2009 6:30 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
Actually, I started school instead of starting Kindergarden at age 5 I had to at age 6(late b-day), people are mostly 17 when they graduate. American school systems piss me off....they treat people who are not preps or athlets like dirt. We have the choice of going to a university or college. Yeah, in my town no one learns a second language until around like 9th or 10th grade.....I say it's plain stuid for them to do that....I would move to anywhere outside the U.S. in a long as the place I move is like the weather in Tennessee....XD Hot in the summer but you freeze your balls off in the winter....XD (even though i have no, but you get the point.) The police in America are too....oh, what's that word I'm look for? Oh, corrupted....some are racist, discrimitive, and some are just taking their power over the limit...You can't trust the police anymore bacause of it....I mean, the only really nice americans you'll ever meet is probably someone kind of like me or one of my friends....we'll be nice to anyone that is nice to us...that's how we roll(I sound gangster....XD)

Well, after I graduate, I want to get into Middle Tennessee State University, major in English, and then I want to become a famous novelist. Oh, and biggest of all, I really want to make a book that can change the world and bring peace. (Doubt it, but I'm not going to stop trying) How about you? ^_^
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/13/2009 10:15 am
Moka Akashiya 0508
Yeah, I'm no longer allowed to eat ramen unless my friend cooks it. XD We have sushi but I don't know if we have that or not. I'm actually better...though I did miss a day of school because of the sickness...which was like Wenseday but I was better Thurseday...XD A fancomic? That's sounds kewl as hell. I am still in high school, but I am a senior and with all the days I have missed I am really behind in a class that I really need to pass so I can graduate, history. I hate history! *anime waterfall tears* I hate it in America...they are trying to make us be like China, education wise, I mean....I'm an american, I'm not that smart, I can't learn everything now because I am too old....They didn't let us learn a different language when we were younger so it's hard to learn it now. And I have to say it, All the world has gone to hell. It's not just America....And I'm not saying this to be mean either. Every country has it's own defaults and some are just so bad that it pisses people off. Like for me, it pisses me off that these dumb a** people believe so much on the bible that it drives me crazy. (sorry, I'm talking to much today. -_-')
Moka Akashiya 0508 Report | 09/08/2009 8:53 pm
Moka Akashiya 0508
I have managed to get myself sick. Ramen does not go well with my stomach especially when I am stressed. Anyway, how have you been today?



Because one avi of my oldest and dearest just isn't enough *girly smooshings of love* xxxxx