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Yo !
* .* .* .
My profile used to be private because all the images broke-
[which as you can see is still the case],
and I'm only making it public so people on can add me easily and whatnot.
I'll make this pretty again... eventually.
If you came here from Sheezy, feel free to add me!
I actually joined around when Gaia started! Under a different username...
And I own these other accounts :
Fondude [Items with food included ONLY]
Kaijyushi [Osomatsu-san avis]
NeverMeant2B [Nier avis]
And, despite everything, I still love it.
I have over 600 pages of closet and really only use this for avis and sellin' rigs once in a while!
If you'd like, PM me and request to get ping'd for rig sales or if you'd like me to make you a ghost avi-
[which, for now I'll do for free :*)]
I'm really hoping to find other people who make avis on Gaia as much as I do...
So don't be shy!
* .* .* .
Thanks for stoppin' by!