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Hi~! My username may say Lexi but I go by Luna online. (Neither of which are my real name they are the names of my characters.) In short I love animals, the environment, anime/manga, music, video games (though I don't have time), movies such as: SciFi, action, comedy, and cartoons, technology, home renovation, engineering, math, science, multicultural things, and more.
I am pretty shy but I guess towards my friends I talk a lot. I love school and learning but I tend to get distracted and I have ADHD. I am socially awkward so I am sorry if I do not react the way one would expect. My hair is long dirty blond and my eyes are hazel (currently green). I am a Gemini. I think I am 5'2" now.
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I just adopted a Chibi!
Name: Inuyasha
Likes: Kagome, Kikyo, cats, sauce, chips
Doesn't Like: Sesshomaru, Naraku, being
called hanyou
Owner: LexiTheZeldaLover aka Luna
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