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Hello and welcome to my profile!

My name's Rin, but you can call me Max if you like.

Here's a few you things you should know about me:
✩ I am female
✩ I'm 25 years old
✩ I'm a gamer
✩ I love japanese video games
✩ I love anime and manga
✩ I'm an avid cosplayer and roleplayer
✩ I like BL and GL
✩ I dislike random friend requests
-meaning: don't friend me unless you've at least talked to me
✩ I really hate any type of discrimination
✩ I am pansexual
✩ I'm not looking for a relationship so don't even ask

I like a lot of things but these are my favorite:
♥ Video games
♥ Anime
♥ Manga
♥ Cosplay
♥ Roleplay
♥ Vocaloid
♥ Digimon
♥ Blue Exorcist
♥ Kingdom Hearts
♥ Fire Emblem
♥ Final Fantasy
♥ Tales of series
♥ Disgaea
♥ Pokemon
♥ Avatar: The Last Airbender
♥ Legend of Korra
♥ Studio Ghibli
♥ Sailor Moon
♥ Sengoku Basara
♥ Dynasty Warriors
♥ Super Smash Bros.
And MORE...

Profile done by my good friend retrocafe!
Thanks again for the lovely layout!!

Art I've received:

by Cosmogonist
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by Soraey
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Thanks again for the beautiful art! You really made my day. emotion_bigheart
Love you guys!!

by zossie
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Thanks again! Ly lots Cess. emotion_bigheart


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