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Hello Audience! This is my 5th Gaia acount because all my others got hacked, including my most recent one, Wondertwig115. but its alright because imma show that hacker "x-OneDirectioners" how i can recover so quickly from such a devastating thing.

enough of that said, im Tristin. My birthday is June 3rd 1996. i live in the USA but want to live in Russia when im older(i have this obsession with Russia for some reason). Im nice to everyone or at least i am until you piss me off. yes i do cuss and if you dont like it then tell me or get over it. i think thats about it for now. if you need help with gaia then im the guy to ask since ive had to restart 5 times. just PM me with any questions you have, even ones about me. so until then, PEACE OFF!

The Real Wondertwig115(a.k.a - Level 32)



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The Real Wondertwig115(a.k.a - Level 32)


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aliyah_kayleen Report | 01/17/2013 5:52 pm
russia is a cool place i was born in russia and can speak the language from russia ive been there alot and its awesome i have a whole bunch of family there i lived there but now i live in new york haha so if u have any questions about russia just comment on my profile telling me any question ok see u later bye smile
TeaTimeFor1 Report | 01/16/2013 10:10 pm
you sir. are attractive whee
xXYUNG_FISH_GODXx Report | 01/16/2013 9:01 pm
Oh, oh. Thank you, as well, then.
xXYUNG_FISH_GODXx Report | 01/16/2013 3:12 pm
What did I buy?
Senko_Maki Report | 01/16/2013 2:21 pm
Its awesome because you had a good deal and helped me with my Alchemy. 3nodding
Senko_Maki Report | 01/16/2013 2:19 pm
Thank YOU for having an awesome store!
MissesMechanic Report | 01/16/2013 1:56 pm
your question my awesomeness?/
Ephiny The White Queen Report | 01/16/2013 5:38 am
Ephiny The White Queen
You're welcome ^_^
MissesMechanic Report | 01/13/2013 1:27 pm
Hey.. Your awesome razz
MissesMechanic Report | 01/11/2013 11:48 pm
i dunno.. razz

Hey this is my account :D if you like it then leave a comment or something :D

Looking for a gaia family. if you wanna be in mine then PM me!

Me:D if you think im ugly then dont tell me cause i dont give a fu*k

My dog (King Tubby the Second) giving me kisses after his bath :D so cute

scroll down to see me (if you are curious) :)