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Want To Know More? C:

Hi there!

The name's Leo, but in real life, Shannon. I have three horses, one which is mine, Gidget. Her registered name is Golden Girl Twist. She's a quarter horse, as is her daughter, which was born on our ranch, Forever Frosty Girl. We also have a Percheron, named Midnight. We have one miniature Jersey, Buttercup. Unfortunately, we lost Emmy in December. D8 Anyway, DON'T YOU DARE SAY THEY AREN'T ACTUAL JERSEYS, THEY ARE THE ORIGINALS!!!

Anyway. I love my horse, and we were competing for the first time at the State 4-H Horse Expo last year. This year my goal is to place in the top ten at State in my trail class and western pleasure, and I want to compete in showmanship. Gidget has come so far, from being green broke and the rider having to choose whether to lope or to steer, to doing flying lead changes and carrying a flag and competing at state level.

Well, as you've probably figured, I'm a horse girl. And horsewoman and a country girl. I love country music, Carrie Underwood especially and I also like Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, and Hunter Hayes. I'm super duper busy; I am on my county 4-H drill team, I'm a youth leader for horse camp, I'm chairman of my 4-H junior horse key committee, I'm on the regular horse key committee, I'm FFA secretary, I'm also western delegate for my 4-H older youth group; I also am going on (and planning) a trip to Colorado with a few others from 4-H; I also am in show choir and I perform at church. I also manage to keep a 4.0 GPA while balancing everything else. c;

Well, that's me. A total horse girl. Remember these things, and you'll never go wrong with me:

- Boys are overrated. Horses aren't.
- Some girls want Abercrombie, all I want are my Ariats.
- He may knock a barrel, but he won't break my heart <3

Here's a bit extra. I would say a little, but it's not. xD

. : About me : .
Name: Shannon
Sexuality: Straight
Nicknames: Shannonater, Shannonanon, Shanaynay
Hair Color: Dark blond
Eye Color: Blue green
Height: 5’ 4"
Piercings: Ears
Tattoos: No thank you!
Sex: Female
Sport: Horseback riding! It IS a sport, trust me, you don't want to get into an argument about it with me.
Food: Cheeseburgers!
Drink: Sun Drop! (It's a special soda made only where I live)
Time of Day: Usually afternoon or evening. When I get to ride!
Season: Summer! Drill team and horse camp! And the fair! 8D
Day of the Week: WEDNESDAY <3
Color: Blue or green, anything BUT pink </3
Pet: Wow. You don't ask for much, do you? Well, I have three horses {Gidget, Midnight, Frosty}, one cow {heifer, Buttercup}, two cats {Hunter and Spunky}, two dogs {Duke and Kobe}, a lot of chickens {Blech!} and a bird {Zacklyn}.
Friends: A lot!! Most are from California and the horse group out here! 8D

. : Do You : .

Shower Daily: I try, definitely!! But when you're working with horses, it gets hard! xD
Brush your Teeth daily: Yeah c;
Sing: All the time! Choir, at home, with friends... Anywhere I can!
Dance: I'm okay at it.
Drink: I have an addiction to Sundrop....
Smoke: No!!
Read Books: Yes! Are you kidding? Books are like my best friend! xD
Have a Religion: Christian, but religion isn't as important to me than my horses.

. : Favorites : .

Band: Too many! Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum are my favorite country.
Movie: Oz The Great and Powerful
T.V. show: Castle, Once Upon a Time
Song: I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice
Food: I still love cheeseburgers, but I also enjoy homemade chocolate milkshakes...
Candy: Twix! Or Milky Way! 8D
Animal: Horses!
Number: 48!! After all, it's my horse's broodmare number. That and 7. But 48's my favorite!
Body part of opposite sex: Errr, eyes?

. : This or that : .

Pepsi or coke: NEITHER! When will you get this? SUNDROP!
McDonalds or Burger King: Neither; In-N-Out!
Strawberries or watermelons: They're both great- but it depends on whether you want to get dribbly or not! xD
Hot tea or iced tea: Neither
Chocolate or Vanilla: Depends. If it's really strong chocolate, then vanilla. But homemade chocolate {ice cream} is amazing.
Hot chocolate or coffee: Hot chocolate
Kiss or Hug: I think a hug... It's a bit more comforting.
Rap or Punk: NEITHER!! COUNTRY!!
Summer or Winter: Summer! Drill team and horse camp! Besides, winter's COLLLD out here! And I can barely ride at all!!
Fall or Spring: Spring. It means drill team season is starting!
Summer or Spring: SUMMER! Drill team and horse meetings! Come ON, you should know this already!!
Winter or Fall: Fall, so much warmer! But I have to say goodbye to all my horse buddies.... Dx
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny! It's always nice to laugh.
Love or Money: Love!! <3

. : Your : .

Car: Don't have one at the time, but my dream one is a silver Dodge Ram 3500 Dually with a horse grill and decal.
Crush's name: Casey. He's a sweet guy and is as involved with 4-H as I am.
Style: Cowgirl, all the way. Cowboy boots are the best, and comfortable jeans are way better.
Bedtime: Usually 9 or 10, depends on what's on TV- if it's Castle, then 10.
Most Missed Memory: My best friend, Josie, in California... We had the best times together. Those are my most missed memories. But I get to see her again soon! Love ya, Josie! <333 Also my first horse, Casper. He was an angel. <3
Best Physical Feature: Hair, I think. It's long and wavy, and one of my old neighbors threatened to hurt me if I cut it... Don't make sweet old ladies mad!! xD Love you, Mary Ellen! <3
Astrological Sign: Cancer... Dear god, I am SO not a cancer! I was supposed to be a Leo... Really, I was, and a Leo is what I really am!
Zodiac Sign: I dunno. xD
First Thought Waking up: Do we have a snow day?!
Goal for the Year: Make top ten at State in trail and western pleasure.
Best Friends: Josie, Sheila, Rhiannon; Myra, Rachel, Kayla, Aly
Fear: Losing my horse, something happening to her that could be my fault

. : Have you ever : .

Sat on a rooftop: Yep! Great place to watch 4th of July fireworks!
Kissed someone in the rain: Nope...
Danced in a public place: Yep.
Laughed so hard you cried: Duh! Everyone does it!
Written a song: Tried to!
Sang to someone for no reason: Yes
Performed on stage: Yes, plenty of times...
Talked to someone you didn't know: Isn't that the only way to get to know someone?
Made out in a theatre: No....
Been in love: No. The only true love I do have is for my horse. And no one will interfere with that. <333 Gidget
Had near death experience: Yes... I was almost crushed by my horse (Not Gidget, the one I had before her, the devil Mesa) when she bucked me off
Sang in front of a large audience: Yes! So nervous!!
Ever drank: Sundrop. SUNDROP.
Ever smoked: No!! And I never plan to!
Ever smoked pot: Never!
Ever been drunk: Absolutely not!!
Ever been beaten up: Nope. If anyone tries, they'd really regret it.
Ever beaten someone up: No. I'm not a violent person, but I have a streak of Irish in me.
Ever been to therapy: No.
Ever shoplifted: No!!
Ever skinny dipped: Oh god no. Just no.
Ever kissed the opposite sex: Not quite yet.

. : Can you? : .

Write with both hands: I tried, but I failed...
Whistle: Kind of...
Cartwheel: No
Blow a bubble: Yep ^^
Roll your tongue: Yes
Cross your eyes: Yes
Touch your tongue to your nose: Fail....
Lick your elbow: Nope
Dance: Mhm.
Speak in a different language: German, so so.
Cook anything: Depends on what it is. I'm really good at spaghetti and homemade macaroni and cheese......

. : Are you : .

A fighter: I will fight for what I believe in, that's a promise!
A lover: Not really. I'm not a romantic at all. Cancer may be my sign, but I am NOT a lover. Uh uh.
A War Freak: Not at all
A Heart breaker: No. I always try to be as nice as possible (yeah, I know that's not quite what it meant)
In Love: Nope.
Bossy: A bit...
Friendly: Always!

. : More : .

What is your current mood: Tired. Wishing I could sleep.
Does your crush like you back: Eh. I have no clue. Most likely not, but we're really good friends.
What makes you happy: Horses, friends, horseback riding, cowboy boots, meat, milk, outdoors, drill team, horse camp, music, singing...
Name one thing you do a lot: Ride!
Name someone with the same birthday as you: A classmate in California....
Are you comfortable with your height: I want to be taller. But sometimes I don't, because then I'd be too big for my horse...
Number of regrets: Way too many.......
Countries I'd like to visit: France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Greece most in Europe.
How do you want to die?: Fighting. That's who I am. I'm a fighter, not one to just let things go by.
Been to the mall lately: No. I never go to the mall. I'd rather be riding.
Do you like thunderstorms: Yes! I was actually out in one that was right above our barn, and I almost got hit by lightning... Exhilarating! 8D
Rain: It's wonderful!! It also washes away snow! 8DD
Get along with your parents: Nyeh, most of the time. Depends on whether I agree with them or not.
Health Freak: No way! But I can eat as much as I want and stay skinny... My friends consider me a stick. xD
Do you think you're attractive: Eh, kind of. When I'm comfortable: jeans, a tanktop, and cowboy boots. <3
Believe in yourself: Yes. If you don't believe in yourself, you can't believe in others. I'm a confident individual, but not overconfident.
Want to get married: Yes.
Do you want to have children: Yeah, I suppose. I want my kids to learn about my passion for horses and hopefully have the same fire I do.
Do you have your future kids names planned out: Not really. But I'd prefer simple, tomboy names.
Age you wanna lose your virginity: Geez, you're getting personal.... But I don't have the age planned! >> MUCH later in life!
Hate anyone: Yes. Liars, cheaters. People who think they're superior. I could have a list if I felt like making one.
Theme song: Gosh, I really don't know.

. : Finish the line : .

If I were: able to ride all of my life, I would leap at the opportunity.
I wish: I had more hours in a day to get everything I want done.
I am: so very lucky to have the life I do. It may be busy and crazy and I'm insane to be living it, but I love every single moment of it and would trade it for absolutely nothing. I may struggle at times, but I know in my heart that there is absolutely no other place for me to be.
My heart is: beating at a steady pace.
Birthplace: Newport Beach, California.
Current location: Clintonville, Wisconsin
Overused Phrase: I don't really have one. I laugh a lot. <3

Tell me it cannot be done and I will do it. Tell me the goal is too high and I will reach it. Place an obstacle in front of me and I will soar over it.

Challenge me, dare me, even defy me, but do NOT understimate me; for on the back of a horse, anything is possible.

Tell me whatchuu think! :3

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Dreamcatchre Report | 11/04/2012 10:57 am
Nice! At least you're enjoying it though, right? ;3 I've been the same though, only coming on to do daily chance. I've been job hunting the past month, and since I just turned 21 i've been busy with my friends going out and stuff hehe. (:
Dreamcatchre Report | 10/22/2012 2:31 pm
Hey Shannon! ;3 How are you?! It's been ages! Looks like we've both been a bit inactive on here. 8D
animalgal12 Report | 06/09/2012 5:57 am
your welcome
animalgal12 Report | 06/08/2012 11:36 am
awsome profile and avitar biggrin
Kawaii Alan Rickman Report | 05/27/2012 8:06 pm
Kawaii Alan Rickman
Hohoho. So I'm gonna set up the Tales of Symphonia RP in my guild because 1) I don't want to ask Memories if I can set it up(trouble talking to people I don't know XP) and 2) In Dreams in the Clouds or whatever the guild is called it looks like I can't use anime pictures as character profile pictures, and lo, ToS is an anime style game. So I'mma do that now biggrin
Kawaii Alan Rickman Report | 05/27/2012 4:46 pm
Kawaii Alan Rickman
Yeah D: So I have two more chances to visit you P:< We'd better make it work somehow~
Kawaii Alan Rickman Report | 05/26/2012 6:31 pm
Kawaii Alan Rickman
Personally, I wish I was up there. Cos it would be like, I dunno, some kind of adventure or something XD After all, I've only ever been to Nevada on a trip, so going to Wisconsin would be.... But alas. 'Tis not to be... yet. XD
Kawaii Alan Rickman Report | 05/26/2012 2:17 am
Kawaii Alan Rickman
Whoops! Hehehe, no, I just copy+pasted your profile skeleton and I guess I left that in there. I'll fix it asap so other people don't make that mistake. sweatdrop

Dude, it's 2:15 am right now. Spencer and Bethany are at my house, I look like a Japanese man, and we're all being total idiots. I wish you were here to be an idiot with us!! DX <3
Kawaii Alan Rickman Report | 05/24/2012 8:13 pm
Kawaii Alan Rickman
Eh? I'm not in Drill Team, but I might be if we even had one down here sweatdrop Where'd you hear that?
Kawaii Alan Rickman Report | 01/02/2012 4:18 pm
Kawaii Alan Rickman
Yeah, but I don't know any of the other guild member so I might be too reserved X]

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