What's should I say?...
I'm just a girl
Living my life and proud to be living it
it annoys me when people go through life not taking
advantage of what life has to offer. because their afraid of getting hurt.
your gonna get hurt no matter what.
so you might as well take the chance.
I love Anime and Manga they are a huge part of my life
I don't like being taken advantage of
Love comes in many shapes and forms. I will be glad when
my time comes to love another
I'm loud and speak my mind frequently.
If you don't like what I have to say then don't listen.
I'm Extremly stubborn
If you try to change my mind your wasting your time.
My friends are my life.
I would have killed myself long ago if not for them.

I am me

and always will be

I am Dallas

As you can see by my username i obviously love Lemonade, thats because it is completly delicious^_^
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this is me....lol im a neko
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