Name: Lester
Age: 22 years old
Not the best at writing these kinds of things but feel free to comment or pm
(ง ˙o˙)ว



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Hehe true. I'll just leave it at that. And I see, I do that sometimes too when I am just feeling lazy and want to lay in my bed. I'm glad you accepted me as a friend. x3

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Psh, please. You even have a handheld device that matches your pretty eyes. Anyway, I just recently came back to Gaia too. I've been here since 07. It's crazy to see how much this place has changed. So just a forum chatter, hm? I usually like to roleplay, search for gorgeous avatar art, play zOMG and now Kindred. You seem like a fun person to talk to! We should become friends!

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Hehe well I am glad that you like it. Thank you. I think yours is more adorable than mine though. What do you like doing on Gaia?

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Hi! I caught you staring at my profile, so I decided to stalk yours too. I like your avi. Feel free to hmu sometime. x3
Chronic Heart

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Chronic Heart

Hey Lester c:
Chronic Heart

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Chronic Heart


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Awe, well I mean if you wanted to talk about it
you're more than welcome to
I'm here for you~
I hope it doesn't get to you too badly
I know how bottling up things can be kind of tough sometimes.

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Sure thing! Don't you worry, I'll surely allow you to read it once more of it gets done~

Also what's the matter?
Did someone upset you? Do I need to kick someones a**? ;c

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Well like I said it isn't that much to read, it's just the starting part really, but I have tons of ideas for the story!
I don't remember how many characters I made though, I think it was twelve... 'But it could be a little more then that.

'And yeah it's disappointing how somebody will just flat out steal something that's not theirs
but heck! I trust you~
Also I guess the person who doesn't like to be cared for is
one: Doesn't trust/believe people
two:Just hates people, and doesn't care
and three: the just pretend that none of it happened.

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Hehe, I sure as hell will!
Perhaps a little later I'll share you what I've got so far, it isn't much yet
because mostly I've been working on making the characters, but if you'd like I could share them with you as well~!
Of course It'll go through PM though, I wanna keep it to only certain people
I don't need people stealing it. xP

Lol, I don't know, somebody could I guess, it's hard saying what people think these days
I mean it's not weird to me, cause I love caring for people, and being cared for as well. cx


Love random pms ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Psn: The_Leet_Neet