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Im crazy beware!!! O-O


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8 Y Report | 06/20/2015 10:04 am
8 Y
3million for your rejected olympics jacket?
Nami the Muffin Thief Report | 04/30/2013 10:26 pm
Nami the Muffin Thief
If you have a figure of something shine a light on it and point it in various angles and watch how the lighting changes. It's difficult to master, but the results are worth it.
Nami the Muffin Thief Report | 04/29/2013 9:45 am
Nami the Muffin Thief
Well just to reiterate first I actually really like the drawing itself.
The problem with the shading on it is that it's shading like a lot of cartoons, there isn't a specific light source. On some parts it's like the light is hitting from the front other times from the top and various other directions. It may not seem like much, but improving your shading will help bring your art up to another level.
Torcimento Destino Report | 08/08/2012 7:07 pm
Torcimento Destino
Very glad I could help. (:
Torcimento Destino Report | 08/08/2012 12:47 pm
Torcimento Destino
I'm glad I could help, even if it was only a little. (:
But yes, the candles and the drawers were what I meant by the distraction at the elbows. But I know how hard it can be to get of all that stuff when your background options are limited. The Rule of Thirds is actually a pretty simple. Basically, if you were to draw a tic-tac-toe board over the photo, the goal is to get something in the picture to "hit" the spots where the lines intersect. I hope that made as much sense to you as it did in my brain, haha. Here's a pretty helpful link that might make more sense.
Also, the editing is mostly about personal standards. There's probably a bunch of people who would say you did the editing perfectly (: . I do some editing on my own pictures, and I know how sometimes it's easy to go a little over board.
Overall though it's a really nice photo. I hope I didn't come off as sounding too critical.
Vampiric_Suna Report | 08/07/2012 3:57 pm
You are very welcome! heart 4laugh
Kadaajj Report | 07/13/2012 9:09 pm
Not much. lol What's shakin other than yo bootay. lol
EletroShocker Report | 07/02/2012 7:21 am
Hello Buddy! The Ratings its working on my Avatar Arena! Pls vote me 5/5 Thx so much <3
Lil Harley Kitten Report | 01/20/2012 9:18 pm
Lil Harley Kitten
*waves arms back* I miss u 2 i get to see u soon!!!! you should put time on your phone while we are in school so we can chill heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Lil Harley Kitten Report | 11/12/2011 10:05 pm
Lil Harley Kitten
hey there my beautiful grell heart heart heart heart


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