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Lazy Brandon
This is actually either my third or fourth account. I jump from account to account when I run out of name change counters. I originally registered as "tenkabuto" (Ten Kabuto is my online alias), but for whatever reason couldn't activate it, nor do the forgot password thing since I had no idea what email I used. gonk But I like this one now, the name suits me.

I also used to have the username iEcstacy, back when I was a young graphic designer (Think.. 'gfx" wink and I thought it'd be trendy to make something like "eyeEcstacy". But eventually I got too many druggies complimenting on it.. neutral

    .music tickles thy fancy

I love electronic music such as Techno, Trance, and Dance. They're very relaxing genres and are quite enjoyable to listen to. I love listening to Di.FM, which has a great selection of online radio stations, and I especially love their Vocal Trance station. <3


I've been interested in graphic and web design for about 3 years. 2 years of actual designing experience in using Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Adobe Photoshop 7 & CS2.

For a year and a half I was designing signature images but have moved on from that now and am designing more professional web projects.


My best friends give me much support on and offline, this is my little section for them.

Jay - You're a great friend who I am very happy to have known, you're always nice and barely ever disagreeable.

Chris - You have been my online friend for about 3 years now, from way back when I was an 11 year old sneaking onto Proboards and kept claiming I was 13 for about 3 years, including when I actually was. xd You're a great online friend. We never, actually, tend to really discuss much but have fun talking about everything between that which is serious and the ridiculous.

Tuong - I've only known you for about a year or so, but you are a great friend. We originally met through a girl, strangely enough, and kept a friendship (Oh gawd this sounds fruity). Keep it cool, I'll always be here to tell how I like/dislike something you have to say without any BS in between.


The profile you see before you is the custom profile that I have designed using Adobe Photoshop CS2, numerous GaiaOnline tutorials, and about a week of my time. (Including the time taken to design the profile!) Please leave a comment or two telling me how you like my new profile and I hope to get back to you soon!

For more info on how I made this profile, click PM Me and send me your questions.


Mini Giraffe <3

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