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paka ruri kaila Report | 09/03/2016 2:09 am
paka ruri kaila
did i ever tell you i love you?
VL0NE Report | 12/05/2012 3:01 pm
hey its me will g dope ;/ remember well my acc got banned 7months ago and re joined 4 days ago. can you help me get 7m so i can get stuff back ;/ thanks heart
Hagedis Report | 09/12/2012 6:30 pm
Thanks for the purchase, Pumpkin. C:
Bit Siniful Report | 09/06/2012 11:05 am
Bit Siniful
I guess so emotion_omnomnom
anyways I'm off to class now
Bit Siniful Report | 09/06/2012 11:00 am
Bit Siniful
it was just Assyla.
I just looked it up, only one I found was on 2nd page for 04, but I couldn't see avi, account might be getting deleted.
but maybe she changed it, this was awhile back.
Bit Siniful Report | 09/06/2012 10:48 am
Bit Siniful
just there username was Assyla
I was like "I wonder if alyssa has secret account" xD
I've actually seen her more than once, she has avis like you, just more fancy
Bit Siniful Report | 09/06/2012 10:36 am
Bit Siniful
hey remember when me and jay called you 'assyla'?
well I was on here and I found someone named that, reminded me of you xD
Noble Infinity Report | 08/09/2012 1:43 am
Noble Infinity
How've you been, 'Lyssa? ^o^
You free up atm?
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/31/2012 2:23 pm
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
it's been far too long emo
Noble Infinity Report | 06/20/2012 1:21 am
Noble Infinity


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