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Hanteeru Report | 07/27/2023 6:38 pm
Here's hoping the switch 2 has a good name compared to "Wii U" as a successor name. At least they've since learned from Wii U's lack of marketing issue, something that I'm sure will be done for switch 2. Be interesting if switch 2 had some sort of folding like clamshell screen or the controller attaches from the bottom kinda like the GBA SP
Hanteeru Report | 07/24/2023 4:23 pm
Hmmm. Don't really like the bulky bulbous look of those joycons, I guess they could be comfy in the hand when sideways but not so much in handheld mode. The way they aren't flushed connected to the system feels like a bad idea for something to get caught on and damage something. And that extra space under the screen on the bottom is an odd choice. The UI I don't mind, somewhat reminds me of the system layout used for demo stations at stores. An interesting concept but just doesn't have the right sleek feel to me.
Hanteeru Report | 07/21/2023 5:34 pm
If it's to be truely a "switch 2", then I hope so. I do miss when menu's had themes and even that calming atmospheric like music wii and 3ds had, be nice to have it again. It's weird they didn't at least exxpan on color themes for switch other than being just "Light mode or dark mode". I would have loved a nice dark green mode :< Hopefully they learn from joycon drift too lol
Hanteeru Report | 07/19/2023 11:22 am
Most times the rumors for switch 2 just didn't feel right as it felt too soon for a successor. But seeing how long the switch has been out now and compared to past console release times, Switch 2 sounds about right to launch either next or year after. I just hope it's backwards compatible for both switch games and controller/joy cons.
Hanteeru Report | 07/16/2023 11:19 pm
I'd say we're slowing getting to the peak of looking real for visual graphics, it's more on realistic movement/animation that will need focus. Yeah having a backlog does make things tough to finish up on games, given how many there are by now.
Hanteeru Report | 07/16/2023 8:33 pm
Will have to toy around with options to see what sticks I guess. And yeah, I feel that even most of the world can't keep up with advancing tech either.
Hanteeru Report | 07/14/2023 11:03 pm
Haven't found anything new for a hobby, wouldn't really know where to look though.
Hanteeru Report | 07/14/2023 2:53 pm
That sounds cool, hope it goes well o: I’ve been good though nothing really new with me honestly, just getting older.
(Sorry for late response, somehow didn’t see the notification D: )
Hanteeru Report | 06/12/2023 10:17 pm
Heya, how have you been?

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Hanteeru Report | 04/13/2023 1:57 pm


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