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" Forget me when I die, cherish me while I live, and think not of what the future holds for us in this dismal world~"

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Name: Mia
Age: 26
Sexuality: Lesbian

Likes: Video Games, Furries, Scary Movies, Cuddle time, Drawing,Cartoons, Anime, Pr0n, and Reading.

Dislikes: Body Hair (other than on the head), Bad smells, Sweet tasting Meats, and Idiots.

Yes, I am a girl...

You may call me LaRkEn, Mia, or whatever nickname you find that suits me best...
This is my ALT character on this site. I have been on Gaia since 2005 on both accounts and for some odd reason, I still find myself drawn to this place.
Still, I'll try and make this as simple as possible.

I use this account as my Pokemon Release (mostly but not just limited to)--- currently I am questing a Custom Battle Sprite for the forums as well as a few other things such as Pokemon Roleplays, Guilds, Group and etc.

I am not really sure what to do on this site anymore. So might use this account for zOMG since that seems to be a thing they brought back. Who knows? I might just try chatting it up in the forums again as well?

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From Dusk 'till Dawn

Only a fool of the night would let himself fall to the hands of darkness so easily.


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Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:06 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P9]

I know she wanted it to be a cut...maybe not a clean one, but a cut nonetheless. But it really left me with no closure. I needed her...I needed her and her friendship more than she would ever know. But she was mad, she obviously felt betrayed...and I wanted to explain and say sorry but she never even gave me a chance. I checked one of her journal entries that popped up and because I commented on something that was public, she called me a 'stalker'.

I do not think a single person has ever made me feel like more of a piece of s**t than she has...
And at first, I lashed out in angry. I called her a b***h, a c**t, and I laughed in her face. But now...years later, I just feel 'nothing'. I guess I feel sad that it ended this way because we always had an amazing friendship. We had a deep understanding of each other that no one could take from us, and we were there for each other when we both needed it the most. So, it sucks that I lost such a good friend when I would really need one later down the line.

If I could go back...I wouldn't change much. I would say things better, I would explain better, I would lay down thicker and more obvious lines...but I did what I did for reasons. I did what I needed to do at the time. 
But I lost 2 very amazing people in the process...and they didn't deserve that. So, I'm sorry...and I hope both of you have found your happiness, wherever you are.  
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:05 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P8]

But, in the end she gave me a choice: "It's Taz or me."
She said that if I went with Taz she would never speak to me again. But, this was Shinigami. She was a hot-head and she made rash decisions but mostly she was all bark and no bite. I didn't take her seriously because...because she was my friend. She abandoned me once, and I guess I thought that when she told me that she loved me it meant that she was never going to do it again. 

I chose Taz...because she was there in the now. She was an immediate future and she was something I knew the pattern of. Shinigami was a random factor in a equation I could not solve. She was the 'unknown' and it scared me. She was the cards that could mean either winning the jackpot or losing it all with no in-between...and it was terrifying. 
So I called her bluff, and I went back with Taz.

But it turns out she was serious.

I got the most hateful private message that I still keep to this day. It was mean, it was painful, and moreover it was confusing. It laid me out as someone I wasn't...she made me sound like this insane, suicidal freak...and I had never been that way. 
She told me she was never Bi, that she never loved me, and that she had made up all that stuff because she felt sorry for me. But then at the end of it all she berated me for telling her that I loved her, but continuing to sleep with Taz.

It was...confusing...and to this day I will never know how I feel about it.
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:05 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P7]

I was still seeing Taz when she wanted to have me...and I did this because I loved her, but, I was also seeing Avalon. Avalon was closer to my age, we had more in common, and it just seemed right at the time. But, I was also talking and having online relations with Shinigami...
And while my heart wanted me to just ditch everyone and go back to could I? Yes, it's petty...but I was still hurt. I still felt like she had abandoned me back then. I still felt like if I gave up everything else and chose her that I would end up with nothing. I was dipping my toes in the water...because I knew myself, I knew I was a lesbian, but, what was Shinigami?

It seemed like every day she was changing her mind: Was she bi? Gay? Straight? A-sexual? A potato? She never seemed to know. So I just could not see myself giving everything back to her if she was so uncertain. I needed something solid...something stable. And I needed something PHYSICAL! I needed hugs, kisses, cuddles...and yes, I needed sex. I just could not see myself going back to just looking at a computer screen or phone and being content with just that. I wanted to feel skin, hear breath on my ear.

Shinigami hated Taz...and with good reason. She was there every time I cried as Taz left. She was there when I was venting. She heard Taz yelling at me...she knew I was being abused and she told me to leave. But I was in a tough spot.
I only had so many options...and one option was going back to live with my Mom. But that meant going back to a dead-end town with no opportunities...with a judgemental parent wanting to shove me back into college. Even now I would rather be homeless than move back home. My other option was living with Taz...

At least with Taz I had and knew the routine. Even if it was abusive, it had become my new 'normal'. It wasn't smart...I knew it wasn't smart...
But at the time, I was in love. I was lonely...I was desperate. I had committed myself to making something work because I don't do well with failure...and I didn't want this new relationship to end like mine and Shinigami's did.
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:04 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P6]

That loss hurt me more than I thought it would. Now my inboxes were empty and getting in Gaia made me sick to my stomach. I had lost my first love through here, and I had lost someone I had considered a best friend on here too. I thought that it was over...that now this place could die and all the bad memories with it. But then, Shinigami came back...

No details are needed: it was a skype call from a stranger than ended up being the first person to ever steal my heart. She spoke of ashes still smoldering and the possibilities of it becoming a flame again, but I shut off my mind to all that. I wasn't going to set my heart up for least, that's what I told myself. I was still hurting.

But the more we spoke, the more I remembered all the time we had spent together. The more we spoke, the more memories came flooding back to me. We would skype nearly every night while Taz went out with that guy. We were texting during the day...and it might as well have been like old times. I liked this new friendship, it flled a void in me. No matter the hints that came up of an attraction...I pushed them away as we caught up with each other.

But then one night she texted me, sad and vulnerable...I only complimented her, I wanted to cheer her up. I poured my heart out telling her how amazing she was, and then came those toxic words in her reply: "I love you" and I replied with those same words back. But they were not a lie...they had never been a lie even when I was pretending to be someone else. They were not a lie...but I don't think she was old enough or mature enough to handle my meaning of the word.

Taz had me broken...she slowly had me despising the word "monogamy" as it seemed to be something that was no longer applying in the world of adults and sex. As someone that had only ever been with one other person...and as someone who was currently having her heart broken by the person she loved every night...I wasn't ready for a relationship. 
If only I had been able to communicate those words back then...if only I had sat down and told Shinigami how I felt, maybe I might still have my friend? Or maybe she might have cut ties with me a lot sooner.
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:03 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P5]

I think the worst thing is that I barely remembered what happened with Amai. When I logged back on this site, I was checking what my friends had been up to. I saw she posted a journal entry, but when I clicked it, I was told it was private. Odd. So I went to see her profile...but she wasn't on my friendslist. I thought nothing of it until later I was going through my saved mail...and there she was. Another girl who thought I was something I wasn't...another terrible remnant of being "Dustin".

With Amai, the situation was not as long or as complicated with Shinigami. To keep it simple, she was an RP partner. Again, that's why my gender did not seem to matter. When I role-played, I could be anyone. But, like with Shinigami...things started to go beyond role-play. 

When I was in-between with Taz...that was when I was the most lonely. I was in a dark place, and Amai let me open up to her. I don't think I ever gave her crazy details or anything like that but, she let me vent...she gave me attention and affection. She gave me what I craved. It was never my intention to lead her on...but I did. And unlike with Shinigami...I never felt like I had a good reason to lie to her...I just did it because I was selfish and I was being greedy. 
So, looking back at it all...I don't blame her for blocking me, I don't blame her for hating me. I just wish I could apologize and explain the dark place I was in. 

The person I loved was going out every night and sleeping with a guy...and then they would come back home and tell me they loved me. When they weren't doing this, they were screaming at me until I was crying. They were threatening me and belittling me...and I felt like nothing. But Amai made me feel "Something". At the time I could say she was really the only thing that still made me feel like a person...and she was important. But feeling like something more than a husk was not any reason to lie to her...and if I could take it all back, I would. She was an amazingly sweet girl...pretty and talented. She only ever deserved the best, and I should have been a better friend. I only hope she has found happiness since then and has continued to flourish with her art and her other things...because she deserves it. 
And I'm sorry...
I'm sorry I was a selfish p***k. I am sorry I lied. I am sorry I used you.

Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:03 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P4]

When I first met Taz, things were magical. This was my first serious relationship...and even if I now despise the woman and hate her for the s**t she put me through, I do have to give her credit for being a very important chapter in my life.

It was through her that I started to really discover likes and dislikes. I matured through her, and realized what it was like to physically be with a person. I hate it when people say that sex does not change people...because it does. When all my friends started having sex in high school, they became snarky. They had this random confidence boost that suddenly placed them above everyone else. So when it finally happened to me in college...I became the same way. I suddenly felt "grown" even though I was nowhere near such a thing.

It was during this time that people started reaching out...and I brushed them off. My old best friend was one of them. Ginger and I had a falling out when she learned that I was gay. She said it was disgusting and she was always giving me flack whenever I was texting Shinigami. Now in college...she tried apologizing to me, and wanted to be friends again. But I felt like I was better than her...I kept rubbing it in her face how she was so naive to the world, as if I wasn't as well. I did the same to Shinigami when she came back into my life.

Shinigami tried to reach out...and all I felt was anger. I still felt the pangs of abandonment. I still felt that sadness and deep despair. I can not say what her motive was that first time she reached out to me, I never even tried to ask. But I took it (at the time) as her trying to be with me again and make us work. And like with Ginger, I told her that I met someone, that we were physical and that I was happy. I wanted to throw it in her face that I had found someone who truly loved me. It was wrong of was cruel. It was very out of character but I just felt so broken. And with that, Shinigami disappeared again. I felt like I had earned myself a victory.

But...victories never last. 
Taz was a horrid person. She dumped me like clockwork and then like clockwork she wanted to get back together. She would sleep with someone after breaking up with me, realize they did not want her for a serious partner, and then com running back. I fell for it...every single time. Even after she cheated on me (the first time), I still took her back. I just couldn't let her go...I felt like no one would want me if it never worked out with her. But then there was several months (nearly a year) where she was seeing a guy she worked with...and that's when things got bad with Amai.
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:02 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P3]

So our relationship was a secret. It was a secret because her parents would never accept it, and it was a secret because mine would not stand for it either. It went so well for the longest time. My whole schedule revolved around this person. Every paycheck went into stamps for letters, for gifts, for minutes on my phone, and eventually for a ring. Every night at 6-pm was dedicated to a phone call...and every weekend at 10pm was for late-night chats. Every morning and night there was a text. Every-single-day at lunch there were more texts. Crazy how young love absolutely consumes a person's life...right? I felt like the more I dedicated to her, the more I could make up for my lies. Even if she had accepted me in the end, I still felt guilty for all the s**t I put her through...and so I really gave this relationship my 110%

...and I guess it paid off because a year later, she asked me to marry her. Crazy right? I could have sworn I was living in a movie. We had a date set, we had a plan. We decided then that we were finally going to meet. And this is where it all comes to an end.

I used to hate my Father for calling her parents and telling them who and what I was...
That was the worse day of my life. My phone was buzzing in health-class, my Mom was desperately trying to reach me. I had to go to the bathroom just to call her back and her words were: "You need to call _____. Your Father called her parents and this will be the last time you ever get to speak to her."

What do you do with this information? What can do you do with this information?

My hands were trembling. I could barely dial her number...and when I had to break the news to Shinigami, she lost it. I couldn't do anything. I could only tell her to be strong, and to fight for us. It was pointless though. They took her phone, they took her computer...
...and when I tried calling her that evening, I was met with death threats from her Brother.

I hated my Father for what he did...and I did not speak with him for 2 years.
But I realize he did the right thing, but like me, he did things in the wrong way. I don't think he realized how badly she was going to be treated. I do not think he took into account what her family would do to her. He just wanted to keep me from going to jail, or worse, being killed.

But at the world was shattered...everything was gone. First heartbreak- it's painful. I didn't know how I was going to get through it. I stopped eating, everything made me cry. All I wanted to do was sleep. 

And then, when Shinigami gave up on us...I entered a new stage: RAGE & REJECTION. I was mad. What had I gone through all this trouble for? Why had I wasted so much time walking on eggshells just to be abandoned? I was young, I was hurt, and so I lashed out. 
As a hopeless romantic...I felt like I needed love to survive. So, I went on a dating spree. Kitty, Amu, Brandie, and eventually failed relationship after another. I guess that's where the other apologies come in.
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:01 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P2]

When she started to like me...I realized I liked her. But, I thought that if she dated someone else, we could stay friends and eventually go back to just talking online. But I got jealous. Every boy she talked to, every kiss she told me about. She later admitted to wanting to make me jealous because she wanted to be with me despite our distance. Things were getting serious. I knew I eventually had to either give up the ghost or leave her.
I tried...many things so that I would not have to reveal the truth to her and so that she could go on with a normal life with someone else. I tried doing a Gaia-Marriage so that she would be dating me "online" for fake. I thought this might make her happy...but that's when the messages from her friends started piling up in my inbox. They said she was hurting herself because she wanted to be with me. They said she wasn't eating because I would not date her. I was freaking out...and again, my options were to give up the ghost, or go out with her. And I decided to go out with her.

I guess at the time, my thought was: "Well, if I date her, then in a few months I can break up with her. She will never wanna talk to me again and she never has to know that I am a girl." Again, I know how messed up this sounds. But I thought that this was the easiest way for her...because goodness knows that none of the stress and the lies were easy on me. It haunted me all the time.

...the rest was basically history. We dated, it went fine, and then I couldn't leave her. It's not because she kept me from doing it...I kept myself from doing it. I became selfish. I loved the attention...I loved her. It was such a confusing point in my life. I always knew I liked girls, but in a back-water town where everyone is a gets really hard. At one point I thought I really might want to become a boy. I considered transitioning because then I could be "normal". I was depressed, I was being abused. Nothing in my life was easy. That doesn't give me an excuse (still), what I did was wrong...and it came back and bit me on the a** when she found out that my school was going to her home-state for a field trip.

That's when it happened- that was when it was time to come clean. But I couldn't do it. After all this time, after the year we had been together, I couldn't tell her that her knight in shining armor was a lie. So I dumped her. It was hard...and I was sobbing. Her pain had me in shambles. It was one of the toughest moments of my life. But in that moment, she figured it out. I was not Dustin...I was Mia. And something amazing happened...she accepted me. So all was well, right? All my stress and all came out okay in the end because we were still together? 

...that was when I learned that she had lied about her age. I know that lying about your age can not be compared with lying about a gender. But, at least lying about a gender can not ruin someone's life or get them thrown into jail. I am not pointing a finger, in Indiana we were still completely legal. But looking back at it now makes me shiver with dread because I could have ended up in a worse position than what I did.
Larken137 Report | 03/02/2018 8:01 am
There are still moments I wish I could say "I'm sorry" [P1]
Searching through archives, comments, and forums from 2007-2010, goodness knows how cringy it all is. I laugh at it, sure...but when I read stuff from that time, I still feel pangs of regret. I am a firm believer in the quote: "everything happens for a reason."

After all, while staying with my abusive ex for 5-years was an obvious mistake, in a sense, had I not done that...I would have never gone to Germany, and, if I never went to Germany, I would have never met my wife.

But I still have moments where I wish I had done things "better". Or, I at least wish there was a way that I could say sorry to those who I hurt...and I wish I had a moment to explain. I just realized that Shinigami isn't the only person that blocked me on here, and then I was reminded that I broke other people's hearts too.

I did all the wrong things for what I thought were the right reasons. I was lost in a confusing world where I could not see the boundaries between what was truly online and what was reality. That doesn't mean I had an excuse...but I guess people understood. I think it still pisses me off that some people say they stayed with me because they were worried I would hurt myself? It's confusing because I never did anything like that...I never self-harmed. I may have been depressed but I would have never gone so far as to cut myself, kill myself, poison myself, or do anything else that people tried to pin on me. I was never that type of person. obvious first mistake was pretending that I was a guy. 
Back when I met Shinigami and back when I met Amai~ well, I was role-playing. I was a young woman that felt trapped because of my sexuality. I did not want to admit that I had always liked girls and I made a male avatar to help release some of my tension. I seriously thought that when I was talking to Shinigami that I was on my window for my female ALT...but as everyone already knows this wasn't the case.

My mindset for both women was that this was an online world. My gender did not mean anything. I never thought they would start having real feelings for me. I never suspected that I might start having real feelings for them. In the case with was all a mess. When I found out she liked me, I figured it was no big deal. We were role-playing, and I never saw it going past that point. So, giving a fake identity at the time did not matter. But, then we started talking on the phone. I will admit, I panicked. She was so depressed over her family potentially breaking apart that I just wanted to support her. I know that telling her I was a lie would be too much...and so I thought that if I lied a little longer that I could help her. All I ever wanted to do was help her. But I dug my hole way too deep.
Duke Von Shnozz Report | 05/20/2013 7:22 am
Duke Von Shnozz
Oh, wait, my bad. It's "Pancham" with an 'a'. I don't even care. I love it. emotion_awesome
On the other end, Elikiteru's English name is "Helioptile" which really doesn't roll off the tongue very well. However, it's based on the word "Helios," which means "sun." Maybe he actually evolves into a Light type Pokemon. Hohoho~


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