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About "Lariah Correll":

Despite Lariah's wild nature, lust for adventure and penchant for slipping into a crude country accent when angry it is rumored that she is actually runaway royalty from some distant land. Whether there is any truth to the rumor is something Lariah isn't willing to talk about and says if you ask her about it one more time she's gonna have to kick somebody's a**. She prefers to leave the past where it belongs and just enjoy the now and look forward to the future (Although she does have a habit of holding her pinky out when drinking from glasses). *a** kicking heard* MOVING right along... ...

The -now- she so enjoys revolves around her constant companion and proclaimed soul mate Jengie. The two are far too similar for their meeting to have been a coincidence. Lariah and Jengie have traveled the land together for many years, adventuring, treasure hunting, kicking a** and just generally letting life come to them as it pleases and simply going along for the ride.

The future is something Lariah looks forward too but doesn't think on too heavily. She prefers the now. Living her life to the fullest without constraint.

About "Me":

Lariah and I share many traits. We both love to have fun, kick a** and neither of us would be caught dead in a dress. Lariah gets to get away with all the things in her life that would probably get me thrown in jail in mine and that's perfectly okay with me. I might never get to know what it's like to put a sword through a critter but Lariah tells me it's pretty fricken awesome given the right circumstances.

Outside the digital reality I'm just a "normal" girl who loves music, video games, writing, meat & potatoes.

I'm super easy to get along with and am nearly impossible to offend. To each their own and all of that.

I try and live my life with no regrets as there are no continues or start overs... and the reset button is broken!


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Violet-Bride Report | 09/09/2011 1:55 pm
OK so will have to do that hugs 4laugh
Violet-Bride Report | 09/09/2011 1:40 pm
4laugh heart heart So glad you got me play this. It a great game. heart heart 4laugh
JenG460 Report | 10/21/2010 2:16 am
WUBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Gracey Baby Report | 05/27/2010 11:33 am
Gracey Baby
ye i guess
Gracey Baby Report | 05/23/2010 12:42 am
Gracey Baby
wel to b honest the boy i fancy is called liam so yr rite about the name picking part!
Gracey Baby Report | 05/21/2010 11:37 pm
Gracey Baby
u sent me a message on message in a bottle and u said i cud guess by yr avi tht its liam..... how cud u? is it tht obvious or summit? =]
char stinkerwigmo Report | 04/29/2010 11:52 am
char stinkerwigmo
thanks for buying


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