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Well hello there! ;D Ermms, i dont go on gaia much? ;D LOL! Yes, yes, i seem lonerated, my friends play "maple" or "dota" ROFL! T___________________T"

Hmmms.. i love my basketball, my music, my asian dramas, my anime and my shopping ;D LMAO! I have OCD and moodswings, but dont worry, im a rather friendly person ;D AHAHAHAH!


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leana18 Report | 07/11/2009 9:59 pm
try this out it really works!send this to...
5 people - 50g
10 people - 1k
15 people - 10k
27 people - 29k

then press ctrl + w

when the window is closed, login again your acount and check your gold
imihc Report | 05/27/2009 1:32 am
haha. yeah. but i'm not opening it that often, okay?
btw, i'm not so good in using it... my sister's yahoo...
imihc Report | 05/26/2009 5:39 am
imihc Report | 05/26/2009 3:55 am
well, time flies fast you know... =P
hm? um, msn, i do have but i forgot what it is. i've got yahoo.
Tanaka Amaya Report | 05/25/2009 5:29 pm
Tanaka Amaya
Thank you for buying. :]
imihc Report | 05/25/2009 4:58 am
oh you can. and you will! and you'll take lot's of phootos of the wonderful things you'll see and you'll share it to me!!! xD
imihc Report | 05/25/2009 1:02 am
nope. we don't.
yes, we do have that "finger lickin' good". haha...
lol. it's just like other fastfood chains...
O_o didn't mean too... it's just what it really is...
yeah. that's what i'll really miss there. fish and chips are the best =P
haha. lol. try making your shop here that sells fish and chips =P bet you'll earn a lot =P
haha. quite 'out of the world', isn't it? =P
i guess...
they call it "bopis"...
um, no. i eat if my mother cooks it. only the squid's body or head or whatever part that is [just not the tentacles and eyes]. breaded squid = "kalamares"
imihc Report | 05/24/2009 5:53 pm
Hungry Jack.
Here, it's like Wendy's or Jollibee or McDonalds.
let's talk about burgers. normal serving there, like, the regular, is already extra large serving here. large serving here is only a kiddie meal there. do you get what i mean?
here, there are no fish and chips. they don't know that...
chips here are fthe frenchfries...
here, there is what you call street food and "dirty icecream"...
dirty icecream isn't really dirty, it's just that it's brand is not known and it travels everywhere in a bicycle.
street food, sorry to destroy your appetite... is usually the intestines of a chicken or blood of a pig, fried and put on sticks.
or even squid tentacles.
or quail eggs wrapped in orang flour...
they also travel around in bicycles. and it's really liked by many filipinos specially drinkers [drunks] ang students.
um... blanked again...
imihc Report | 05/23/2009 7:11 pm
we don't have those stationary shops, maybe stalls...
we do have bookstores that do sell stationaries...
i really don't know about that, but i do see roxies around... maybe in upperclass' malls... i just a middleclass that's why i don't know...
here, there are shops / malls that are for the rich, an average may go to it or pass by it though...
imihc Report | 05/23/2009 6:02 am
ah, yes. it's also called internet cafe here, it's only that it's better known as computer shops. haha. it's my bad ;P
what's that? like home depots? we do have a lot of those kinds of shops here...
city beach? smiggles? hmm... i really don't know...


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I want to see your tears pour out, pour out for no reason. No one knows inside your heart, the glass fragments are raging a storm.
The wounds become a sickness, all doors become a wall. I’ve become an enemy in the mirror, doesn’t it hurt?

Your hand set the world on fire, you closed everyone’s eyes.
The suffering that was reflected in your eyes like stars become your city.
Are you still dreaming, sleeping? Are you measuring all the tears you’ve shed?
Hope is a paper boat that sinks, isn’t it sad?