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-. Welcome.-
Friends and foes to my wonderful profile

What to say about me..I completely adore foxes. Gorgeous little critters.
I´m also quite interested in creepy and mystic stuff..hm.
Normally i use my spare time for gaming or reading.

If you need to know more about me, feel free to get to know me.
But that doesn't mean to pester me with random friend requests.
Really, I hate not to know who I have on my Friendslist.

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Animation by insufficient failure
Name Lacrimas
Age unknown, looks like 28
Race Kitsune
Persona Composed, Calm, Reserved. Still waters rund deep though.
Background Runaway Noblewoman
Concept Revolves around nobles "gilded Cages" and families getting children to fullfill rolls as heirs/heiresses instead of being a son or a daughter

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Name Katla
Age 26..atleast thats what she remembers
Race Mix of arabian Ghula and Vampire
Persona rather neutral until something gets her curiosity, often grumpy, likes to bite
Traits Saliva and blood are toxic green, ribcage is exposed, bones got a green tint due to dried blood, pointy teeth

-. Art .-

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by Gekkarts

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