You’re the sweetest taste of sin
my love from within

Our love was a beautiful song
you and I together were so strong

your legs spread before me so wide,
you know I’ll bury myself so deep inside,

my hands grasp and I dig my finger tips,
as they dig deep into your soft your hips,

I’m searching for your sweet lips to kiss,
as I sink in between your thighs its bliss,

I feel you from the inside out so softly,
and hear you cry out in pleasure so loudly,

as I penetrate you so hard and deeply,
my love for you shows itself so violently,

I make love to you like I never will again,
knowing that you are my final forever sin.

You hear my voice, it follows me everywhere.
You look around and I’m nowhere to be seen.

My voice is unclear
And echoes with every word.

It is a voice of temptation. It whispers. Forcing you to listen closer
Until it screams a deafening screech Repeating again and again Until You obey its command.

The voice of sin Once again has a grasp on you. Don't act like
You’ve never been curious as to what sin tastes like

Dance with me...And I promise to guide your steps only to the most
Delicate landmines,

Trust me...And I'll whisper the emptiest metaphor dipped promises
Your heart could ever hold its beat for

Let me in...So I can ease your curiosity while embracing those soft curves
With gentle talons

Love me...As I slowly poke holes in your illusions of grandeur
With doses of reality

And when regret fills that empty space made obvious by sunrise

Hate me.