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Before i say ANYTHING, i want to talk about, Luna. shes been by my side forever, through broken hearts, failed friendships, and life and death, Shes ALWAYS been there, and when i turn 18, im gonna bring her home with me, and were going to be besties forever and ever, i love you luna, my little kandi raver <3 your my bestfriend, and my sister

*****ME UNPLUGGED*****
Sometimes it's hard to be yourself Beneath the criticizing gaze of your peers.

Society wants you to be something you're not So you bury all of your fears. Well I'm done listening, I'm done pretending From now on, it's my true self I'm defending. This is me, unplugged. I'm not a supermodel, I'm not a beauty queen. I have terrible split ends, And very imperfect teeth. I'm not as tall as others, And yes, I have big feet. I'm definately not a size zero, Because believe it or not I like to eat. I like to stay up reading, I like playing with my dog. I like to sleep in on weekends, And I love with all I have. My room is a giant dumpsite, I don't like doing chores. I sing into my hairbrush, Exercise makes me sore. I like to watch the sunset, I like walks around the lake. I spin around in circles, Til I feel like I"m going to faint. I hate it when the sun's too bright, I like dancing in the rain. I like to find the best in life, When I have nothing left to gain. I like to lounge around in boxers, I like to wear different colored bras. I like letting the real me show, I'm sick of covering up my flaws. My favorite flower is a yellow rose, My favorite candy is anything sweet. I believe you can't have too many shoes, Although you only have two feet. I like to lie beneath the stars, I like it when I'm hugged. So like it or not, this is who I am, This is me, unplugged.

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Ellie Plus Shelby = Beyond Forever.. <3 I love you so much BAABYY

C o m m e n t M e
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