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About Meh....


I am Hikaru.
I am Light.
I am Ranmaru.
I am Ashton.
I am Bisexual.
I am Psycho.
I am Self-diagnosed Bipolar.
I'm fifteen.
I love my friends.
I'm clueless.
I'm pretty good in school.
I wish I were else where.
I miss someone.
I'm looking for the one.
I'm into lots of music.
I love anime.
I don't know what else to put here.

Bel-kun heart heart heart

Current Mood: Loving.



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Frozen Frost King Report | 01/10/2011 5:21 pm
Frozen Frost King
Oh mi god your on! :3 heart
Natsuko-kohai Report | 05/10/2010 8:03 pm
-huggles- I'm happy to know.

I have to go to bed now, but I'll be sure to talk to you tomorrow, if I have no homework, alright? G'night, Nii-chan~ heart
Natsuko-kohai Report | 05/10/2010 7:55 pm
Alright, thank you for letting me know. I'm glad to know you thought I was nice.
Natsuko-kohai Report | 05/10/2010 7:51 pm
D'aw. Well, I hope you can...forgive and forget the events and memories of Gaia.

Hope so, too. heart
Natsuko-kohai Report | 05/10/2010 7:41 pm
Ahh, Gaia holds so many memories, but if you feel the need to leave - I understand. I'll be sure to talk to you on AIM whenever I can.

...Not now, since I shouldn't even be online at the moment, but I can't help it. :'x

-hugs- Nii-chan is so sweet to keep in touch with Onee-chan. heart
Natsuko-kohai Report | 05/10/2010 7:37 pm
Nii-chan! heart

D'aww...Okay, but why are you leaving Gaia? D':
Frozen Frost King Report | 05/09/2010 11:10 am
Frozen Frost King
Boo !

hey there you :3
Frozen Frost King Report | 04/07/2010 6:19 pm
Frozen Frost King
You don't get on msn no mores=<
ailurophilesCaterwaul Report | 02/18/2010 6:42 pm
Frozen Frost King Report | 01/21/2010 5:02 pm
Frozen Frost King
Hii =3

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