Hello my name is Leon! I am a english vocaloid your
english vocaloids? WELL WE WERE MADE FIRST! If it wasent for Kaito and miku we would be just as popular as they are today!!! o8 I get along really good with Kaito and one time I tried to teach Rin and Len how to hokey-pokey........Unfortunetly i can't remeber what happend and i woke up with Nao Itsunebishi in a closet , tied up and now we must belive their story of how ninjas came and tied us up. Also I belive I am the first Leon on gaia but i dont know. XD well just as Kaito i get along really good with Nao but sometimes she gets drunk and throws
me into the town fountain D8. Some people fight on how I look because english vocaloids dont have faces,our boxes look like condom boxes (google Leons box and you will see XD) but I have seen many Leon videos , so I
just go by how he looks in the most videos. Well if you gave us one chance and made us sing the right songs we could sing really AMAZING! speaking of I belive Sweet Ann sang a wonderful song called melt to Gakupo ........ All though I dont think he understood it because , once again, We sing in english ,as well in japanese though in japanese we arent so hot. Well I have to go look for a vocaloid family!