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Occupation: Security/EMT

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Aqua Regia


yum_tamago yum_tuna yum_puddi Here's a Wee bit you need to know! yum_puddi yum_tuna yum_tamago
yum_onigiri My Name is Kirstie! yum_onigiri
yum_salmon I'm 25 years old yum_salmon
yum_wasabipie I'm Floridian moved to Texas yum_wasabipie
yum_strawberry I love animals! yum_strawberry
yum_tea I'm absolutely obsessed with Disney, Anime, Harry Potter & the MCU yum_tea
yum_tamago yum_tuna yum_puddi I honestly think that's it! Just message me if you need to know more, Kay...BAII!! yum_puddi yum_tuna yum_tamago

Aqua Regia
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