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My fans, i bestow upon you, the glorification of myself

Here's the layout for all you curious people:
-Here's my name: K.
-Im an otaku
-Self-taught master of Karate, Muay Thai/Muay Boran, Boxing, Jiujitsu, Chinese Kempo, Judo, Tai Kwon Do, Wing Chun, and Shaolin
-Age isn't important at this point
-I'm straight-forward and dull at times, and can be very stubborn, but an emotional and sensitive guy
-Truthfulym I'm a MAD GENUIS, conceited when the situations are funny
-Realtionships: Don't get me started, cuz I don't have the capability to start in the first place
-Sexiness: Some say i have it, i say no no, you got the wrong guy...I think you might want to find Duke Devlin
-Music: K-pop (DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, SNSD, you know, the basics), and of course Jackie Chan, Gackt, On/Off, Orange Range (before they were terrible)___________that's about it. o.O
-Where I live: Wherever I want really, but I managed to crash at my current place for about 10 yers now...
-Contact Info: Pah-lease, you gotta earn that by beating me in a fight!

DBSK: Stand By U

Yoshida Brothers: Best of :D


sorry about this, but you'll have to view this video from youtube :/