Yes, an apostrophe does make a difference

Love Me, Kiss Me, and Hold My Hand,
Astrayed To The Beach, Counting Grains Of Sand,
Lying On The Bed, With Blankets Bestrewed,
On The Roof, With The Stars, The Cold Air Pursued,

Bussing In The Pouring Rain, Oh So Passionate,
Me In Your Arms Would Only Be Kismet,
The Past Ensued By Excoriation,
But Everyday, My Feelings Deepen,

Tantalized, With You In My Mind,
On The Roof, Under Moonshine,
Caressing You, You Cease The Pain,
My Feelings For You, I Cannot Explain,

Delving Deeper, I Got To Know You,
You're In My Head, No Matter What I Do,
Will I Forget You? The Answer Is Never...
I Love You Now, And Will Forever...

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It's Me

I'm Self-Concious.
I'm Single.
I Tend To Put MySelf Down.
Want To Be Friends ? (:

I Recently Spoke To The Only One I Love On The Phone.
I Want To Hear His Voice Always.