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You say it like you know whats on my mind,
you act like I'm the one who said that,
you treat me like its my destiny,
Shut the ******** up, and learn the meanings of a word.

I can't hug, kiss, be friends with someone without you saying something.
Annoyance, regrets, hate is coming in my mind.
Learn that I'm me, and your you,
and that I really don't want to be friends with people who just put their words in my mouth.

We're different people,
with different past.
We can be the bestest friends, the worst enemies,
and you'll never be able to figure out whats going on in my mind.

I can smile, I can frown,
yet you'll never realize that annoyance is practically radiating off of me.
We're 'friends.'
Lets see how long we'll last.

Lets see how long this friendship of us two will last,
We can be the bestest friends,
You can put some words in my mouth,
But you'll never understand the words coming from my mouth,
"I hate 'mind readers'."


Don't just sit around in the darkness and scream for someone to save you. Just save yourself as nobody may come to light the candle.


Heya, I ish Kugyay, and if you know me in real life, you can call me by my real name. ^^
I am 13 years old and to be honest, I've been on this site for a long time. I have a couple of other accounts, but the main ones I actually use are VampireIce1 and ChildishDreamer. Anyways, add me if you want, idc.


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My puppy and I
when I was nine
and when she was
only a few months old