Yours Truly

biggrin Hello, My Name is Kodona-Panda

biggrin I Love Love Music, Its like my Life!

biggrin My Life is FULL Of Drama! gonk gonk

biggrin I Love the colors:Green,Purple,Blue

biggrin I am VERY Easy To Talk Too 3nodding 3nodding

biggrin My Favorite Anime are:Shugo Chara<3, Shakugan No Shana,Naruto,Mamotte Lollipop, And much more.

biggrin My Best Friends Are: Nina,Brianna,Jazmin,Isaiah,And Much Much More

biggrin I'm Gothic Lolita Which is a Fashion in Japan

biggrin I Was Born in Japan, and I'm From Peru!

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Me(Right) Maribel(left) Tiffanie(back) (: