Grrrrrrrr! Its Alexis.!


Q♥: Its been a while since Iv written something about me, I like to stick to movie and book quotes, plane and simple, well perhapps not so simple and plane because I put lots of thought into what Im gnna post next. But anyways my point is I havnt gotten to personal with my about me's since myspace went out of style, Ha! So I was thinking Its time I do. Okay my names Alexis. I live for my Gaia Journel Its the best feture here hands down. In my opinion. Iv had it for a while now and I can go back to the 8th grade im in 12 now, okay so maby its not soo long ago but it is a good deal of my life recrded on a website smile . ....mmmm Im a bad speller just feelt like you deserved to know that in case you hadnt already noticed. Anyways feel free to FR me and read my journel. I want to be heard just as much as the next person.

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~Bye now.


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~Young, Dumb, and Stung~

"maybe i know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts and we've got to find other ways... cus none of it is ever worh the risk?"~PARAMORE