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Yeah... soo.... I know I'm supposed to say something witty, or cute, or whatever. But I don't feel witty or cute at the moment. I feel like I have a headache.

I'm not so standoffish as I come across, really. I've kind of been through hell, lately. I don't live on the internet anymore. If you know I exist, you probably know I hang out in my one little corner of Gaia and rarely venture out into the larger online... mess.

Other than that... well, I wish you well, whoever you are. If you've found this completely uninformative, then... that's sort of what I intended it to be.


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The Amazing Adventures of Kita-Ysabell

Writing, a description of my *cough cough* very exciting life, and highly informed movie critiques. What more could you ask for?


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xMissionExterminatex Report | 09/25/2012 8:55 am
User ImageThanks for buying
Txaly Report | 09/11/2012 3:58 pm
You, dear lady, have a most inspiring avatar.
ExcessivelyTimewise Report | 03/22/2012 5:24 pm
That's damn hilarious, that's what it is. XD
ExcessivelyTimewise Report | 03/22/2012 5:09 pm
Zomg you hate things too? lol that meme. Anyway, yeah the internet disappoints me too, there's just an excess of...unpleasantness and douchebaggery. I've gotten to where I barely venture into other forums because someone is always waiting to pick a fight with me, it seems, and I can't back down from a fight started over stupid reasons without making the other eat crow.

I'm a lurker and occasional poster, so I'm probably not terribly recognizible. XD

We must be, that or opressed. I got 'know your rights'.
ExcessivelyTimewise Report | 03/22/2012 4:42 pm
Hello. I seem to run into a lot of your replies in the writing forum. I take that you're a big player in there. Seemed rude to not drop you a line and a tentative little wave.

Funny note: the phrase I had to type in order to prove I'm not a bot is 'my bad'. rofl
xxthelightsxx Report | 03/06/2012 9:07 pm
If all you do on here Kita-Ysabell is jerk off on someone elses Forum you need to get a life, not everything has to do with what you say and i dont give a dayum what you think. And actually my 3 year old sister didn't know what the difference was and my 2 best friends happen to be over right now and we thought it was adorable that she had asked that, so hun, shut up, get to know the story before you assume crap and leave us alone. <3

"God may be subtle, but he isn't plain mean." -Albert Einstein

Get over yourself.
marshmallowcreampie Report | 10/18/2011 9:29 pm
I like your avatar. Not sure why. Guess it gives off a "myth/goddess" feel that I like. cat_whee
Alanora Calaran Report | 08/25/2009 12:59 am
Alanora Calaran
I love your avatar! whee
Glorious Yellow Emperor Report | 06/11/2009 11:24 am
Glorious Yellow Emperor
its death99955, stopping by to say hello =D
Circuit Zombie Report | 05/29/2009 8:48 pm
Circuit Zombie
thanks for the purchase :3


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