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Sumthin about me. My name is David, some stuff i like to do. I rap, play bass guitar, sing, and draw, i do other stuff, but thats my main focus.
And im real friendly, so drop me a request.


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smiling fool Report | 07/27/2010 3:45 pm
Yo man. Sorry ta bother you, but you know the Thief rp? Think you can reply anytime soon? Kyo's out of jail and wants to see you.
My bad if im botherin you.
Lilly Grant Report | 07/24/2010 2:38 pm

Thanks : )
Lilly Grant Report | 07/24/2010 2:19 pm
Lol, the same.
I'm back now, and I've got a new rp if you're interested.
It's set in Louisiana again : )
Lilly Grant Report | 07/23/2010 6:26 pm
Hallo : )
How're you?
Long time no talk, lol.
Shakespearean Serenade Report | 07/23/2010 11:03 am
Cool Avi!
jjokpalyuh Report | 04/15/2009 10:34 pm
Hello, I was wondering if you're going to be posting in the roleplay.
jjokpalyuh Report | 03/31/2009 10:30 pm
New announcement! check it out.
Mizuki -The PK- Report | 12/13/2008 4:11 pm
Hey, probably don't remember me, but happy birthday >.<
KiMeepKi Report | 10/09/2008 3:45 am
I've seen you in a lot of X-Men RPs before.

Oh and I love your signature, lol. That was my favorite episode of the Boondocks!
I Sarbear I Report | 04/16/2008 6:52 pm
Hello Naruto-san ^^


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