Hi, my name is David, my last account was David-Kun The Duntpeal. but i got all rid of the old stuff so dont check him out -_-'. Anyways, Im 15 years old, aboout 6 ft 2. im Bi so guys and girls can come ^^. im a kid at heart, but can help out when you have problems you wanna talk about. My friends say im sweet, so i guess im sweet ^^. I care about my friend and try and help out when ever i can. Im also a DragonBall Z freak ^.^; and yes, i love my vegeta. *he smiled sweetly* and i like Naruto, and other anime. and PM me for more about me if your interested to talk to me ^^.

People who have donated to me:

Mrs. Edward Elric: 100 G

Inuyashalover7: 5000+ gold

AndraiaNakazato: 1200 gold

Yukinari Sasaki: 3rd anniversary G-glasses, and G belt buckle

Customized Poison: Performance Rod, Silver Locket, blue present, Staff of The Angels.

~Kiala~: Yeti, Were Tail, Nitemare Collar

Ottsel-master: Whip of Fire, heart shaped box (from V-Day) *blush*

Bastiankitty: 5000 gold

gaia: angelic parpsil, and sword of aegis (sorry if i spelt that wrong ><) Chyaku Norisu Scarf, Laptop...thing

If i have forgotten to add anyone on my list (which im very sorry if i did) please say so, so i can add you to my list ^^. Thank you guys for being so generous to me. ^^ and if any one messes with any of my donaters and starts begging to them i swear ill kick your a**!!! stressed Have a nice day *smiled sweetly*
Pictures I drew myself.

User Image

This is what King Kohaku-Kun pretty much looks like in my book.

User Image

And this is my demented cow. FEAR HIM!!!!! XD

Color defanitions:
Color definitions for eyes:
Baby blue: Happy
Grey: Sad, Depressed
Black: Rage, Urge to kill
Purple: Curious
Green: Confused
Burgandy: Lustfull
Yellow: Scared
Orange: Embarassed
My dream aviter:

The fallen guardian angel
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Item List:
#0000FF Complex Pants M
Angelic Microphone
Chain Of Command
Elegant Veil
G Buckle
Pop Top Class Coat
Prisoner's Ball and Chain
Prisoner's Shackles
Purplemarine UpsideDown Boots
Sapphire Forehead Jewel
Slotted Purple Top
Staff of the Angels

Estimated Total: 155,707 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 21 August 2006)


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HiloZ ^___^

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yo dave, Muzic got hacked

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Merry Christmas Blaze! I wuv ya!

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OMG! Blaze kun! *glomp* I'm back! YAY!

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i sad! my friend Kiala forgot about me and hasn't replied to ANY of my pms! *crys his eyes out* AH MY EYES!

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LOL! xD!! I love your video!!! xD
Spindle shank

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Spindle shank

Random comment

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it's not short, it's a part of it >_<, it's a very beautiful song heart
King Kohaku-Kun

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King Kohaku-Kun

"Oh cool....its a very short song." o.o;

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it's a song it's called "Say anything" and it's by "X-Japan"


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