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Journal (( Got sick of the story. It became pointless and corny quick ))

Well ill write stuff... Eventually

Talk? .-.

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o-o Empty interests ftw

About me?

Huh, about me. I am pretty bad at talking about myself, so if you really want to know, just ask. xD

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Kariana Greywers Report | 10/07/2023 5:16 pm
Kariana Greywers
You're welcome! I got it out of a magical giftbox I found, and it doesn't fit any of my avatars' looks. I'd rather sell it to someone who'll use it than just have it collect digital dust in my inventory.
BabyDomme Report | 06/15/2021 3:36 pm
4laugh hi their
loukhos Report | 02/07/2020 9:42 am
I do remember playing that. And I remember playing it in the car, so it must have been a handheld thing but I don't recall what.. ;; I want to play my ds more but, yeah, no time. I'd take it to work but I'm afraid of it getting stolen. (Did I already reply to this, I can't remember.)

The Tenchi Muyo rpg wasn't that indepth story-wise I don't think, I just didn't have the patience to spend a lot of time grinding and so was writing down the moves they did so I could do the most amount of hits in the least amount of time. :'D

Yeah.. it's a pretty sorry app. I change my avi often, but even with that I find it easier to do just on the mobile browser than the app. You'd think someone would have made up a third-party version of the app by now. Well, I guess tektek did but, look where they are.

They could, and I kind of wish they did, because I have a hella lot more time and access to my phone than anything else. I would totally buy a 7d2d app. But, I guess they'd have to get out of the Alpha stages first, wouldn't they?

You too! Noisy birds I don't know what it is, during the day they're fine but when I'm trying to sleep and they're screaming in the early mornings it's like the sound is amplified a hundred fold and I can't.

Sleep D:
loukhos Report | 01/18/2020 8:13 pm
N64.. that's giving me Ocarina of Time flashbacks. I played it with an emulator a few years back, because nostalgia of course, and it felt so much more intense than when I played it as a kid. Did you ever feel that? I got a DS for Christmas the year before last, and while I love it, I can never find time to actually play with it. :c PC is awesome, I agree. I got to emulate the Oracle of Seasons, and Ages, and Link's Awakening with it. Bunch of other stuff too. I played a Tenchi Muyo jrpg once. I remember planning attack patterns with notebooks lol. Not many other jrpgs though. I really like being able to replay old games, and play new games with emulators, those things are awesome. Maybe time is a big factor with multiplayer for me too? Like you said, can make friends from strangers with some games, and I think I have done so with a few. But time..

Oh god I know. I try to sell stuff in the marketplace while I'm at work and, let me say, I feel soo bad for you. D: That alone drives me crazy. They don't really have a worthwhile mobile app, do they? I heard rumors though about if 7D2D was to be an app, and.. I don't think I could ever see it working. Maybe if it was singleplayer, and a lot less graphics heavy but.. I dunno. They have a lot of apocalypse games already, though I've not tried many of them.

Somewhat.. I'm not really the best at keeping up with vitamins and such, lol. Well that's good! Er, that you got some sun-blockage and that you're already conditioned to block out the sun. I used to be able to but, there are a lot of very noisy birds around here in the mornings and the moment I hear them start, I can't sleep. You got any noisy birds by you? I swear there are so many..

Sleep. You sleep I sleep we all sleep. (In theory lol.) But yes, get some rest.
loukhos Report | 01/16/2020 10:15 am
Well I mean, mulitplayer games with friends is different than mulitplayer with strangers.. But I've seen evidence of people having a good time with strangers. But, like you said, stick with what you enjoy. And I mean when I've got the time (and the friends) for it, mulitplayer is great. But there's so many things I want to do all at once that you manage to get started on something and then, before you know it, it's already too late. :c That's true. Lately I only tend to buy games if they're on sale on Steam and I'm really really interested in them. What have you gotten recently (or semi recently)? Just curious, do you prefer PC to console gaming? I played a little on the xbox, but mostly the consoles I experience I have is from old stuff like Super Nintendo and tainted by nostalgia lol. It doesn't matter how it looks like, as long as you're having fun, yeah?

To be fair I haven't loaded up 7D2D in awhile either, but I keep seeing these pictures of people's awesome builds and it's just like.. my bases suck lol. But I have more fun exploring and stuff so it's all good. By the time you get your stuff all fixed up there'll probably be a whole new slew of stuff added to it, but I have the feeling like they're going to be updating again soon..? Don't know why. Since you don't have your computer do you do everything on your phone or does someone let you borrow their computer if you need to do stuff..? I'm curious.

No, no doctor. Been taking vitamins and hopefully some more sleep will sort it out so, yeah. Well, I mean, my sleep is garbage too so, garbage buddies? Oh man, third shift. Yeah, been there too. Do you have black-out curtains? I couldn't sleep without them, and even then it was hard. Get some rest garbage-buddy! C:
loukhos Report | 01/14/2020 1:59 am
I must say, I am interested to know how that turns out. Good luck! To be honest I never tried many multiplayer games, but I never really much wanted to either.. Bad experiences maybe, but I like the stuff I play now. You gotta do what you enjoy, yeah? I haven't bought any of these new games, gotta say the micro transactions and such really turn me off too. I like trying to style the Sims houses around what kind of character is going to be living in it. Not super great at it, but its fun. And I make better houses than I do 7d2d bases lol. My bases suck. I always end up taking over a poi then abandoning it later for a shinier one. What version did you play on? I've only done the last two, but it seems like its changed a lot from what videos of the older alphas I've seen. Maybe it is carpal tunnel? My hands go numb a lot. That's part of why drawing is hard. My hands hurt or they go numb. Hope you don't have it. Hope you're getting enough sleep! Oh YouTube.. will catch up eventually. Late again sorry lol. Got busy :c
loukhos Report | 01/11/2020 12:48 am
Hey now, not all ebay stuff is bad. (I'll admit a lot is iffy though.. Gotta be careful who you're buying from. Though I suppose that could be true for any site, really?) So maybe it's not bad? Er. But if it's not bad that means something else is the problem.. So hopefully it is bad! Or it's the power supply. At this point I'm just curious until you finally get the time to get to work on it at your friend's. C:

Wow. That's a lot of games. surprised I have maybe.. 300? But that's combined with my brother's so, 50 to 100? I've heard of some of those games! (But sadly haven't played them.) I've done the Skyrim thing, until I messed up my mods and haven't gotten around to fixing them.. I really like the Sims games, but haven't done it in awhile. Mostly have been playing 7 Days to Die. (And House Flipper.) It looked like fun. Mainly I just like building things I think. And exploring. Not much for multiplayer games though, I dunno. Bad experiences, I think. You? I'm getting so behind on Youtube. :c

You're welcome! Sure thing, if/when I get around to playing something I'll look you up, yeah? Good luck on your computer! I'm going to have to check out your jrpgs they sound interesting.

(Do your hands do this thing where they start getting numb when you stay up too late? Because mine do.) :<
loukhos Report | 01/10/2020 6:13 pm
I guess if you get a power supply and it still doesn't boot it'll probably be too late to return the motherboard, yeah? Well, if it still doesn't work at that point then I'd be getting worried about what all else could be wrong with it. :C What else could be wrong? That's a scary thing to think about.

Same, same. I only read fanfics, and watch youtube sometimes. :V I don't even have time to play my favorite video games. Do you play? Have any favorites?

I do! It sounds very cool.
loukhos Report | 01/10/2020 1:33 am
I wish I knew more about how to build computers.. I mean, I mostly what you're talking about, but thinking about power supplies makes me wish I knew more about how all that stuff really goes together. The motherboard will be a pain to change isn't it? Hope you have the time to soon to fix it. :c

Lol, the hard drive that I lost was actually the reason for the Seven Year Hiatus. Then I got like, four years of inspiration? And now it's year.. two? Of no writing again. X'D Ups and downs. But it does, doesn't it? o: At this point I figure, if I don't eventually remember it, it probably wasn't that important.

You should! I think it would make a great series. Is "Aria For The Fools" the main title or just for the section..? It's a cool sounding title honestly. I'll send my stuff soon! Promise.
loukhos Report | 01/09/2020 6:18 pm
That's good. Loosing projects is a pain. Hopefully it's an easy, cheap fix to get everything sorted out. For me it was my hard drive that crashed. I did, kinda, have a backup. It was just over a year out of date, and apparently during that year was when I was the most creative. X'D

It sounds like a really good story. Just keep at it, it sounds like it would make a good book series. Maybe even a movie or a tv series, who knows? But it does sound interesting.

Hello new friend! Honestly, me too lol.

I feel like if its not a word it should be. X'D It is the only lifestyle.

That sounds really cool! Do you still have the picture you made during that project? I'd like to see it. Yes, I'd love to see the snail it sounds awesome.

Okay dokey then. I'll send some stuff over when I get home. (You asked for it lol.) :'D


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