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AznBoyxx10 Report | 09/19/2009 5:57 pm
remember me!!
kimochi 94 Report | 08/13/2009 11:59 am
kimochi 94
Hey guys.
This profile isn't working for some reason anymore.
So I've decided to set up a new one. If you want me, add my new one: Kellie_Goes_Rawr

Thanks. smile
xxeennaa Report | 05/20/2009 5:32 pm
ur my besst friend....... forever.......ill never forget you............. how old r you now??? i became ten in april smile
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 03/13/2009 9:50 pm
I Eat Chu Crack
that sucks!!

Where i live you have to be 15 or 16 to have a job

but if you have a family business its okay to work at a younger age..

I'm getting 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 purple! ^_^

Mkay i will add you, i just made mines

its Maria Bundang
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 03/12/2009 2:57 pm
I Eat Chu Crack
you get way more tests then we do OwO

That sucks!

Yeah! I need to save up hella money though because everything is expensive =_=

im going to buy colored contacts! =D

Do you have a facebook?
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 03/11/2009 5:16 pm
I Eat Chu Crack
aww cute lol!!! Yay! i cant wait to see the picture then ^_^

yeah the writing test tells if i go pass to high school Dx

but i did pretty go on it i guess =D

i have a bigger test on May Dx

But in May i get to go to an Anime convention and see 1 of my gaia sisters!!!

I just found out that my grandma is leaving to the Philippines in April instead OwO

So when she leaves i have to go to a different town after school Dx
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 02/21/2009 5:22 pm
I Eat Chu Crack

Try taking a picture for me to see >.<

sounds like fun!CAKE!!!

OOo hes a chief >D

I dont know what i have to do for tests but this is the only big test of the year

then in April is Spring break which is only a week

and then on the middle of June were out of school for summer break

which is the rest of June, July and August and we get back in September for our new grade
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 02/18/2009 4:42 pm
I Eat Chu Crack
WoW!!! OwO

thats cute though!!! On Valentines day!!

hope you have fun swimming!!

Lol yupp!!i rike the sun!

Lucky you >.<

I have testing in March!!!

and then SpringBreak in April
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 02/18/2009 3:50 pm
I Eat Chu Crack
thankies!!! =D
I Eat Chu Crack Report | 02/18/2009 3:49 pm
I Eat Chu Crack

hella awesome!! how did you meet him??

swimming fun! i like swimming!!! xD

okay now its sunny again OwO the weather is crazy!


it was snowing on the mountains which looked pretty from down here xD