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Okay well It's Me SasukeFanRocker13! well this will be my back up account! As Many of you know I love Sasuke! I Love Link also and a ton of others but i mainly like Sasuke. I'm also a Yaoi fan, but that's something eles just for the record for all you that don't know what yaoi is it means guyXguy. Yeah yeah whatever stare but my music is my life blaugh i love music Rock mainly i love my family at times sweatdrop so yeah. i love a lot of anime guys 3nodding like toshiro from bleach and kyo from fruits basket and sasuke from naruto if you haven't noticed. i like to draw i have some drawing that are a work in progress so on my deviantart i have uploaded a couple so yeah i'm known as Killme13 and LoveU13 on deviant. i'm known as Mello from death note but my favorite character from death note is Matt. i love Matt!!!! not as much as i love sasuke!! well i'm in highschool and i live in vegas and i am not i repeat AM NOT A PREP scream I don't like those girly girly girls that are full of themselves and just befriend people because they think those people are ugly and can make them look better! If you're just a girly girl and awsome then you're AWSOME! rofl Sorry I'm really stupid sometimes! redface Lol! JUST FOR THE RECORD I DON"T LIKE TWILIGHT okay i like scarred, viva la bam, jackass, wildboyz,Yu-gi-oh!5ds(i have not idea why), bleach, fullmetal alchemist, naruto(when sasuke was there stopped watching when he left), someother stuff i can't remember sad . My name is not important but you can call me Kat. I'm 15.

If you have any anime suggestions I'll gladly add it to my list!!

I'll add anyone who wants to be friends!

Oh and Michael Myers heart You!




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