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Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

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It's All About ME :P

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My names Kyralynn. Give me a nickname.
I'm 17.
I'm 5 foot. My boyfriends 15 and is like 7 inches taller than me. GAWD I'M ******** SHORT XD.
I have dirty blond hair.
I have brownish-green eyes, but they change.
I'm happy, loved, and blessed, with my amazing boyfriend RJ<3.
I'm random and quite obnoxious.
I'm like a guy when I'm in a comfort zone, but when I'm in an unfamiliar place I act somewhat normal.
I'm a self proclaimed photographer.
I love to dance and sing.
My favorite colors are Orange, bright green, and pink.
I can't live without my cell phone. It's my baby.
I'm a senior in high school biggrin .
I'm a four year old trapped in a 17 year old's body.
I say kitty a lot then I meow. Oh and I quack? Call it a quirk.
Summer is my season.
I love the beach<3.
I have a car, that's decked out in Ed Hardy. My uncle and I are painting it.
I love my friends and family so don't mess.

Uhm If I think of anything importaint I'll write it later.

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Everything importaint.

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This boy is the best thing that ever happened to me.<3