My Heart

My heart doesn't judge, It does it's best to accept and love. Even if we float apart, a piece will remain with you and be yours alone. I do hope it'll help you be happy may I be there or not.

Sen No Yoru Wo Koete

Ketsui No Asa ni



My names Marcos It's a pleasure to meet you all. Umm What can I truly say about myself? I guess the basics should suffice. I am 20 years of age at the moment, going to community college. I plan on Majoring in Psychology and Writing (if any of you are interested) and xD I have a very contradicting personality. ^^ I do wish if your having troubles that you can rely on my but then again I plan on leaving the world of the cyber chat sites soon since I've been torturing myself with bonds that I break for stupid reasons, but since this is a world of the unknown I do wish I can help anyone that may be suffering at least until I go. My only message would be, "Although life dissects you, putting challenges, sadness, and loneliness, in your path don't ever get discourages. Fight for your happiness because its when you give up that you lose meaning." There will always be someone to support you may you see them or not, and if you ever believe there isnt... I'll be there until you find someone better. ^^ That's about it have a great day. Menchi out.


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Waz up peoples

Anime fans r welcome


for those who struggle as well

Sad but inspirational song I guess xD

ll Miguel ll
Master Kiba Inuzuka13
Kimiko Kaneko
I Eat Knives
Omfg Its Justy


My closest friends and wolf pack till the end ^^ Although I may end a friendship its not because i dont love in fact i love you so much that i know I have to let you go so you can be happy away from the keyboard. I'll stick with you until you find that one that can take my place as it has happened to most of them. Ask me if you wish to be added and keep smiling please O=

My true spiritual bro Hein =D

My alpha chan ^^ such a great person

Miguel or Naruto my brotheeeerrrrrr wooo =D

HyuugaGal My closest friend so grateful I have her in my life =D she lightens my day whenever I'm down, she really is such a beautiful person that man i can't explain how her personality is ^^ thank you for being my friend

One of my sisters that really was important to me. She may not like how i left but nonetheless I'm sure she'll be happy without me :3 or at least I pray she is.

most recent friend and great one at that with a similar love for asian music *cough cough* he knows what i mean *cough brown eyed girls cough*

inuzuka chan such a treasured friend of mine xD with a lot of strange events xD

Kimiko chan: Loves playing with glow sticks and baking cookies man i enjoy our conversations xD thank you as well for bringing happiness and joy to my life lol

My sister whom I love to death. I'll stick by you until I'm not needed anymore but as for now I'll do my best as your bro to make you happy ^^

A great, fun person to talk to, who acted extremely weird when she was half asleep but i enjoyed talking to her xD even if your sis beats ya up so much =p it meant so much when you said i make ya happy when i talk to ya and I apologize for the comments I said, but I knew I couldnt help her find happiness because she didnt want to find it yet I pray her as well as her cousin and friend olive and Sofia (if i remember correctly) are happy ^^

Sakura chan you a recent friend and a great friend at the the second of sakuras i met and well i can't say much but welcome to the wolfpack ^^

My sis/bro (she prefers bro but will remain sis to me) whom I would protect with my life. She's finding happiness after her dark times in her life and I'm glad I may talk to her less but all I care about is that shes happy :3

A lot like me in so many ways its so strange ~shakes head~ although I wish to help she's strong and really doesnt need me. I do appreciate her and wish her happy times even when it gets hard. My promise still stands though I wont be the one to talk anymore :3 so be happy and good luck

a most recent friend (sue me most of my friends are recent and asked xD)ino chan is interesting a jock xD and a fellow martial artist wahooo =D good memories and times are likely to occur cause of her ^^

lol little amber is a friend that made me post something so embarrassing but it was hilarious xD a good friend that should boost up her own self confidence thanks for your friendship

Hinata channn xD what can i say she's great competition a great friend and xD just look at her *ruffles hair* she's so cute xD jk jk thanks for your friendship hina chan and lets keep making memories alright =D

Justy chan =D your a good friend that lol seems to always be down for some reason xD please cheer up your a great friend, person and such a precious person to me ^^ never let things get to you and if you ever need anyone to help you or anything like that i'll be here k? =D*hugs* =d