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Name: Erica
Nickname: Kyuu
Relationship: Happily married heart
On Gaia For: Friends

No sexual orientation, I'm just sexual lol.
Seriously, I'm blind to gender.
But I am taken and if you disrespect that,
I will ignore you so hard.
Do not ask for pictures,
especially of the nude variety.
Don't ask for my number please.

Okay, so here's all the stuff that most likely no one will read, lol.
I'm 19. I don't like being called Erica, please call me Kyuu.
I draw but only traditionally.
I think girls are beautiful, majestic goddesses.
I think boys are cool, too.
I absolutely love transgender and hermaphrodite people.
I like to think of myself as a pastel goth.

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What a shame. We grew up never believing that we were beautiful. No one ever told us that we were. We made friends who complained about their stomachs, noses, and thighs. And we joined in because... That's just what you do, right? And so we never told ourselves, either. In middle school a boy we barely knew called us fat. We will never know if he was joking. We were bullied because of our messy hair so we chopped it all off. And so we became invisible. It was years before we resurfaced, learning to do things for the sake of ourselves. Now someone tells us we are beautiful and we don't believe him. But now we hear it from new friends, even strangers. And slowly we start to believe it. Now we know. We know that despite everything we've been told, being beautiful has nothing to do with our worth. But... how unfortunate we couldn't know that we were beautiful until someone else told us that we were. We were never told that it was an option.
Kawaii Kyuu

I'm married :D

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