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Dude! This is me!

"My Reality Check Just Bounced"

Kauzl: Which do you find brings you more joy, composing for film, or live conducting for an audience?

Arnie Roth: These are 2 different types of joy, of course. It’s not so much about which brings greater joy. The act of composition is a more intimate, internal act, and the joy from this is more complex and harder to quantify as it is over a longer time period too. The joy from making music live on stage with the world’s greatest orchestras is unmatched.

I'm so excited that one of my questions was chosen.

What is there to say about myself? There could be lots or very little depending on the day. Today is a day for there to be a lot. Currently I spend my time divided between work, Gaia, and sleep. I just recently became employed again, for which I am truly overjoyed. I had to move and do many number of things to start getting back on my feet. Though things are turning up for me again, I can only hope that things continue on in this fashion. I soon hope to begin the process of starting my own business. I would like to start a bakery.

Ok, now lets get into hobbies, interests, and things I like. Of course those catagories could all be condensed into the same thing. Which is why I'm talking about them here. First of all, I love to draw, though I don't think that I am that good at it. I first started drawing in an anime style, but I have since progressed into my own cartoonish style. My art is usually fantasy inspired. This is because I find it easier to draw swords and armor simpler to draw than high tech mech. I am currently in the process of attempting to write and draw a comic (web comic style most likely). Though I'm think of looking for a better artist than myself for the art.

I also enjoy playing video games, though my involvement in that hobby has dropped off a bit as I've gotten older. I just don't have as much time as I used to. But as far as what type of video games I like to play would include: RPG, Action/Adventure, Fighting (to some degree), and Simulation. I prefer to play on a console system since I grew up with a controller in hand instead of a mouse. I currently am in possesion of a Wii, and am an avid Zelda fan. I even have a Triforce tattoo on my upper left arm. I also enjoy playing Harvest Moon and Endless Ocean. These games help me to relax when I'm stressed.

The one thing I can be found doing more than any other thing is reading. I LOVE to read. Almost all of my books are in the fantasy genre, though I have a few in the SciFi, Children's, and random others. All of my children's books are holdovers from my childhood that hold memories for me. Such as my Beatrix Potter and Mother Goose books. My favorite book (that I read at least once a year) is Kushiel's Dart. It is well written and flows nicely. Though it should be said that I truly enjoy a good story. And it is for this that I am willing to excuse a bad movie or game if the story is truly good to me.

One thing that I miss at the moment is being able to play D&D with my friends. Since I had to move when I lost my previous job, I can no longer play. I enjoyed the many deaths of my silly druids and fighters. I'm not very good at it since I'm rather new to to it any way. Though It often seemed like I was getting put into the leadership positions of our party. I don't know how any of us ever survived a situation we got into. I think that was mostly do to our GM. He gave us absurd things to do, with silly ways to do them. *Punts Kobold*

I am quite silly when I choose to be. With such instances of speaking Puchuu, and saying random things at random times. I will often mock anime and other shows and movies with my friends. With my favorite instance being where we were yelling down a hall in my old apartment . We were both watching adult swim when Inuyasha was on and at almost the same time began to yell out "Inuyasha!", and "Kagome!". we then burst into fits of giggles. I still giggle when I think about it.

I enjoy listening to classical, renesance (sp?), and modern music. I adore the group Celtic Women and Blackmore's Night. I could listen to either group all day long. Though I do also enjoy comedic artists as well. Stephen Lynch, GoRemy, and Weird Al are at the top of that list.

As to anything else about myself I wish to add, just simply that I love dragons and spend some of my online time on Dragonadopters (www.dragonadopters.com). My username is Kauzl if you wish to look for me and add me as a friend. I have recently joined magistream as well. My username for it is...wait for it...kauzl! Who could have guessed. sweatdrop LoL

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Drawn for me By Catbird Esme as a contest prize


Come In, Come In, Come In!!

Welcome one and all to my shop of Wonders and Trinkets. As a new format for my shop, I plan on having some kind of themed sale each month. These sales will begin on, or close to, the second or third sunday of each month, and each item will be listed for a full seven day cycle. Should an item still fail to sell, then it shall be held until a similar theme should arise. Sale items will be listed at 10% less, (or maybe more) than the lowest listed marketplace price at the time I list them during the sale week. No other discounts will be applied at any other time.


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treak treatz
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Thanks you so much for my Class Art. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!
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