Daisuke Asakura - Techno Beethoven (live 2004)

access - Night Wave (live crossbridge tour 2002)

T.M.Revolution & Daisuke Asakura on Love Love Aish*teru (1999)


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Okey, now I'm supposed to write something clever about myself.........can't think of anything. Instead I bring you some useless info about me ^w^:
I love purple and butterflies and Hello Kitty and Japanese manga and anime and music (specially T.M.Revolution and Daisuke Asakura). Put up some pics of albums I really love, not too sure if they're actually showing the way they're supposed to though. Oh, and I spent a year in Kyoto, Japan learning japanese so that probably proves how obssessed much I love Japan.
Ian is my favourite male NPC. Ruby is my favourite female NPC. I love cats, but I don't want a KiKi or CoCo. I look perfectly normal but I'm a bit strange. Oh, and if I write a sentence that doesn't make sence at all it's probably because I'm Swedish, or I'm being strange.
I think that's enough. Please leave a comment.

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Nyadriel Report | 05/14/2010 6:53 am
Its Gaia's basic thing really. Nothing special. Edited content also Gaia's just arranged around. The two pics were from members who are artists that were inspired by my avatar doings.

The avatars are also brought up with one of Gaia's tools of people's avatars who are on my friend's list. And of course, my avatar. Gaia also offers stickers that I was considering using.

The tools I am refering to are placed in the "edit my profile layout" including the captchas that I used - which can be edited at any time. The stuff at the bottom of what I typed up about myself are things I did myself out of inspiration from around.

Just be... you... when you do this kinda stuff.
Morphin Dc-ed Report | 05/02/2010 2:50 pm
Morphin Dc-ed
Airi Todori Report | 04/22/2010 2:00 pm
Airi Todori
thnx 4 buying ;3
Mayuu xi Report | 04/14/2010 5:47 am
Mayuu xi
thx for buying my kottan bell ^-^
Alice xX
0 SunshineStorm 0 Report | 02/04/2010 10:30 am
0 SunshineStorm 0
Hi! Sorry for bothering. I just want to let you know there is an Arashi cause going around.
There is a chance to get Arashi (or any other international band) on a show called the Ellen Degeneres show. It is an American show, but people from around the world can "nominate" an international band (the option is non-us under new york).
All you have to do is submit a form giving the reason why the band should be on the show.
Please check it out if you are interested: http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/respond/?PlugID=257
sweetiepie22222 Report | 02/08/2009 7:14 am
happy b-day
Hysenthlay Report | 09/10/2008 7:52 am
Haha, okej ^^
Hysenthlay Report | 09/10/2008 6:09 am
Japp, är svensk och kommer från Umeå ^^

Tack så mycket, tråkigt nog hann jag inte vara med i slutspurten menmen... xD
the demon illidan Report | 02/24/2008 8:55 am
the demon illidan
One of my comments is in your profile. Now it's time for world domination, please help ^^"
Corrupted Self Report | 02/14/2008 10:35 am
Corrupted Self
User Image Happy Valentine's Day User Image

~Albums I love~

Daisuke Asakura - Quantum Mechanics Rainbow (seven albums)

Violet Meme

Indigo Algorithm

Blue Resolution

Green Method

Yellow Vector

Orange Compile

Red Trigger

T.M.Revolution pic,
just really like this one
and I can't have only
Dai-chan on my profile ^w^