Her Life Story.

i'm kate c':

i'm __ years old [i'm old enough; kthanx.]
i'm a weird lil' kiddo, as you could probably tell. x3

i love music, photography, drawing, & my friends <3

i love naruto<3 my favorite characters are sasori sasuke, and deidara. c:

death note is the best anime ever.<333
my favorite characters are near, matt, l, misa, and light :3

the best video games ever are; legend of zelda, fire emblem, SSBB [marth ike are the best ;D], SSBM, naruto, and lots more. >w<

my favorite bands are; panic! at the disco, dotdotcurve smile , eatmewhileimhot!, mindless self indulgence, black veil brides, green day, linkin park, 30 seconds to mars, BMTH, brokenCYDE, chicodos, falloutboy, shinedown, seether, scary kids scaring kids, guns 'n' roses, surrender to the dance floor, attack attack!, and lots more.

message me if you need a friend, or someone to talk to, or just some aviiart / a sign. :3