--->hello. I'm katee <---

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i am happy to see you on this nice weather we're having. biggrin
but anyways its great that that you came to my profile just to see me!
well i hope you enjoyed seeing my "awsome" profile, things...
well actually, not a lot of gaians come to my pro a lot so thats why i'm SUPER
happy to see you! (well, thats wat I at least think...)


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I like to put pictures on that i have but only i have a couple biggrin

Abuela Juju

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Kingdom Hearts- FINISHED
Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories -FINISHED AND RIKU VERSION!
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days - yes FINISHED as well...
Kingdom Hearts II - AHHA I FINISHED IT! >;D
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - AND FINISHED -3-
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep -FINISHED! >;D
Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance -FINISHED IT SUCKERS
Kingdom Hearts III? - When will it come out? D': it'll never come out.. theres 1.5 WE NEED TO GET FIRST

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my favorite colors are light blue, green, and yellow ;D
my favorite game is.. All the kingdom hearts games!
my favorite food is... I guess pizza and cake.
my favorite musics are maybe pop, and songs from 50's to 80's classical music.
my favorite season is spring. (even though i was born in fall D: )
my birthday is in September 21st
and yes, i'm a hygiene freak...
I like to be on the computer,
I was born in a city
I moved to a desert place D:
I like comedy movies and sometimes~.... no, just comedy..
I Also, I love to draw ;D VERY well, lol jk...
I also like astronomy and star gazing ;D
I am easily inspired or impressed

--->I have a good friend with me ;D

I have good friend who's always with me biggrin
every night...
in my dreams...
glaring at me... eek
saying "u'll pay me back one day"
but as u can see,
shes not with me,
well thank goodness for that..... surprised

to: The Fish i know and love... biggrin
from: IOU person biggrin .....
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