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Leanne440 Report | 10/23/2011 9:26 am
How do you like your new job?
Leanne440 Report | 10/14/2011 9:22 pm
neat new avi
enchantedsleeper Report | 01/10/2011 3:45 am
Hi, I really like your avatar ^^ It's so cute! It looks like a little leaf sprite. xD The colours are well-matched and it's really well-put-together. I wish I could have come up with something like it!
White Chariot Report | 01/03/2011 3:12 pm
White Chariot
"you should mention this is not your own character but actually "squid girl" from the anime cleverly named "squid girl""

I do think that's obvious enough. I mean, had I drawn Son Gokuh, do you think it would be necessary to do so? No, because everyone knows him. Should I mention ika-musume is not my own character just because she's not that popular? No, because I haven't claimed it as my own. It's fanart ·_·
M3-broken Report | 04/21/2010 1:49 pm
Thank Thank You For Shopping!! whee
cheat sheet Report | 04/04/2010 6:51 am
cheat sheet
Thank you buying~
Votaro Report | 01/17/2010 11:04 am
You will now receive a gift, if you had been 3 minute later then you would not be as my forum was rudely redirected to chatterbox.
Pikajane Report | 12/20/2009 2:55 pm
hm, you have a point xD
I am trying to do those free offers to get gaia cash, but the only problem is that I have done most all the ones I could do. I guess I can sacrifice a wee bit of my gold for the cause razz
Pikajane Report | 12/20/2009 2:52 pm
lol because of that, I am going to buy a first gen myself biggrin
That is one epic EI
or perhaps should I just buy a lower gen and hold onto it? hmmmmm...
Pikajane Report | 12/20/2009 2:39 pm
Totally mistook that as an angelic halo! xD
Sorry razz just realized it is a noel's gift first gen

Its Kirby!!!!This is him
in SSBB i pwn as him

<---- Thats makar, he is the coolest character in legend of zelda: wind waker