Lv 30 Rowlet / Timid Nature / Nods off a lot
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✧ Currently playing:
- Paper Mario 64 ✅
- Fire Emblem Fates
- Fire Emblem Three Houses
- Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes
- Fire Emblem Engage
- Xenoblade Chronicles + Future Connected
- Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series
- Persona 5 Royal
- Pokemon Violet
- Pokemon Legends Arceus
- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

✧ S Support reached 6-20-20 to my dearest Bunny Butler, Ravio! heart
✧ S+ Support Reached 12-07-21 heart Crux of Fate ring obtained
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✧ Call me Kalin, Killian, Corrin or Kamui! ~ Just a transguy cat dad getting through life. I love my fuzzy boi, Shulk!

✧ Libra ~ INFP-T ~ Sort of a shy person ~ Talkative when you get to know me ~ Relatively chill ~ High as ******** Rowlet

✧ Due to abusive people in my past - namely a physically abusive transphobic ex - I have trust issues. Apologies if I may be skeptical of some. I have my reasons.

✧ Male Corrin simp appreciator. I make a lotta mCorrin avis based off AUs my friends and husband work on~ I make other cosplays as well that are canon characters as well as other fan characters from series such as Kid Icarus and DN Angel.



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Links & Shiny Hunts

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~ Shiny Hunts! ~
Editing more as I make time emotion_yatta
Currently distracted by Tears of the Kingdom and some shiny hunts now that the Home Update is live.

Current status:
Shiny male Indeedee hunt finished! heart

Editing things!

Re-editing for sprites and stuff for later.

I'm just a 420 friendly Rowlet that does stuff on his own time.

Most can reach me on Discord tho if I'm not on. I'm AFK a lot.

Household stuff, caring for a furbaby and sickness issues - headaches are a hassle at times.

I try to get back to peeps when I can.

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Credits and Things

Profile Coding:
Lady Saxophone @ GaiaOnline

Chibi Corrin x Jakob art:
blanchiame @ DeviantArt

Corrin x Jakob half-body art:
wooserr @ DeviantArt

Both art pieces were gifted to me by my dear friend, Ashen Demon!

Dragonstone pixel:
Bun @ GaiaOnline
Ashen Demon
Ryuki Naotsune

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