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Ravio ~ Alear ~ Fiora ~ Ryuki ~ Emmett

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Currently playing:
ACNH - Working on my islands of Pidgey and Rowlet
FE: Fates (Birthright / Conquest / Revelation)
LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom

Tracking gaming stoofs:
11/8/23 -
After 22 years, I finally got Miracle Star in Mario Party 3's story mode! All S ranks! emotion_yatta

I'm mostly still off and on due to health. I started my testosterone therapy 12/08/23.
My body is currently getting adjusted to the new treatment + new medications for my transition.
If you have me on Discord, feel free to contact me there! ^ v ^

Since May 2024, I'm on my way to getting work done so I can hopefully get top surgery this year. I still have a lot of things to do, but I hope this is the year I can get this done.

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Fateful Prince ~ Crux of Fate

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Call me Kalin / Corrin / Kamui!

31 ~ Libra ~ Trans Guy ~ Cat Dad ~ June '07 Gaian

I'm just a male Corrin appreciator that's just vibing on Gaia til the end!
You can find me mostly making cute cosplay avis of my favorite bingus dragon prince!
I like a lotta Nintendo stuff if my profile wasn't obvious~ emotion_yatta

For anyone curious, the Corrin x Jakob FEH chibi art was commissioned from DeebyFeeby on Twitter!
Her FEH chibis are too cute!

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Birthday: 09/27